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Rohit Sharma trusts Dr Trust

Check out our range of oximeters that is designed to measure Spo2, pulse rate, perfusion index, and respiratory rate accurately within few seconds.

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Don't stress like Garam Verma!

Check out our range of blood pressure monitors that help you track and control you blood pressure

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Sugar Sharma can't control his cravings. Don't be like him!

Check out our range of glucose monitors that help you track and control you blood sugar

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Doctors ❤️ Dr Trust

I am using infrared thermometer,Goldline BP monitor from last 2 years.It is very accurate and precise, excellent quality and durable,Absolute correct device and gives fast results.Dr.Trust  Product comes with advanced MDD technology that allows BP measurement during the deflation of the cuff.

Dr Mandeep Singh 

I purchased Dr Trust product from Amazon and I am quite happy with the product as it connects from the mobile very easily and it helps me in maintaining me and my family data on their app itself which is available on all platforms.

Dr Vinamra Sharma

It is very accurate and precise, excellent quality and durable,
Absolute correct device, reading value for money.

Dr. Vivek Kapur

Dr Trust is a very good and accurate product used to test sugar level. It is a quality product. Useful in easy measurement of glucose levels and also easy to monitor sugar levels by the storage of previous sugar levels I have been using this product. I am satisfied.

Dr. Padmaja Rani

I am Dr. Hridaynath Lotliker. Recently I purchased a Dr Trust smart body fat scale model 505. It is a very useful scale and durable also. You can calculate your body fat percentage and other parameters using this scale which can be further used to modify your diet and exercise accordingly. Overall I'm satisfied with this product.

Dr. Hridaynath Lotliker

Dr trust pulse oximetry is most accurate device we use in our routine check up for patient. During this COVID pandemic it helped us lot to access oxygen saturation level of patients. Thank You..!

Dr. Mahesh Bhole