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Dr Trust (USA) Goldline Fully Automatic TALKING Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Talking Feature: Dr. Trust Blood Pressure Monitor- Goldline Has A Unique Talking Feature With Extremely Easy To Understand English Output. The Ease Of Use Of Product With Voice Output Is A Blessing For Visually Impaired To Make Health Checks Independently. It Guides You The Steps To Measurement And Finally Reads The Results. It'S Simply Your Talking Guide To Good Health.;3 Color Backlit Hypertension Indicator: Based On Your Blood Pressure Reading The Screen Changes Color
  • On Normal Reading The Screen Color Is Green. For Slightly Higher Readings The Backlight Changes To Yellow Indicating Pre-Hypertension. Extremely High Readings In Hypertension Are Indicated By Red Backlight. This Unique Feature Helps Easy Detection Of Blood Pressure Level & Corresponding Response To It
  • Arrhythmia Detection: Detects Pulse Irregularities. Please Take Medical Advise If This Symbol Appears Frequently During The Week.;Superb Accuracy: Most Advanced Fuzzy Algorithm Avoids Overpumping And Ensures High Accurancy;Product Of Usa With 1 Year Warranty In India: Designed And Engineered By Nureca Inc Usa. Patented Technology And Design From Usa. Product Approved By United States Food And Drug Administration