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asked questions

Which type of weighing machine is best?

For accurate and convenient weight measurements, digital weighing machine is often preferred. Dr Trust offers a variety of digital weight machine tailored to different needs, ensuring reliability and user-friendly features.

Is a balance scale kg or grams?

A balance scale can measure weight in both kilograms (kg) and grams (g), depending on the specific scale and its calibration. It offers versatility in weighing objects accurately across different units of measurement.

How do you measure weight?

At Dr Trust, we measure weight using precision digital weighing scale equipped with advanced sensors and technology. Our scales ensure accurate readings by accounting for factors like body composition, ensuring that your weight measurements are reliable and consistent.

How can I calculate my weight at home?

You can calculate your weight at home using a digital weight scale. Simply step on the scale barefoot and wait for the reading. Make sure to weigh yourself consistently, ideally in the morning before eating or drinking, for accurate results.

What is the capacity of a weighing balance?

The capacity of the weighing balance provided by Dr Trust varies depending on the specific model averaging up to 180 kg.