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Dr Trust USA Hercules Smart Body Fat Analyser & Composition Scale 525, BMI, Personal Weighing Machine Monitor Body Weight Loss, Age & Bone Mass and Syncs With Fitness App

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In The Box: Body Fat Scale

Track Essential Body Metrics on Your Phone

The Dr Trust Hercules Smart Body Fat Analyser– 525 revolutionizes health monitoring by seamlessly integrating with your smartphone to provide accurate measurements. Compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, this BMI machine measures vital body metrics beyond weight, including BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, BFR, Moisture, BMR, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, and more, offering a holistic view of your weight loss progress.

Syncs To Dr Trust 360 App

Easily access and save your health data through the user-friendly Dr Trust 360 app. With Bluetooth connectivity, the app syncs seamlessly with the Dr Trust Body Fat Analyser, allowing you to store and share your entire medical information, including Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse, and Weight, for real-time tracking and analysis to help you in your weight loss journey.

Monitor Progress Regularly

Stay motivated and informed by tracking your body weight and fitness parameters regularly with the Dr Trust 360 app. This modern weight machine enables you to monitor different body parameters over time, providing valuable insights into your overall health and progress, accessible anytime, anywhere.

High Precision Body Fat Scale

Experience convenience with the Hercules Smart Body Weight Scale, equipped with four high-precision sensors for quick and accurate results. The body fat weighing machine powers on automatically when you step on it and displays your body weight instantly on the large LCD screen, without the need to connect to your mobile device.

Rechargeable with USB Port

Say goodbye to frequent battery changes! Our body fat analyzer comes with a rechargeable battery and USB charging port. Designed for energy efficiency, the scale automatically powers off when not in use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Ultra-Sleek, Portable & Convenient to Use

With its sleek design and round-shaped corners, this body fat analyzer machine blends seamlessly into any home environment while ensuring safety during use. Its portable design makes it ideal for on-the-go use, allowing you to track your progress wherever you are.

Alarming Indications

Stay informed with low battery alerts and overload indications, ensuring uninterrupted use and reliable performance. Crafted with a single rigid tempered glass bearing, the weight machine is durable and travel-friendly, supporting your fitness journey wherever you go.

3 Years Extended Warranty

PRODUCT OF USA WITH WARRANTY IN INDIA. Designed and engineered by Nureca Inc USA, patented technology and design from USA: US FDA and CE approved with a 3-year warranty from the date of invoice generation for free by registering on the manufacturer's website within 15 days. The warranty is subject to the terms & conditions. Customers need to send their products to Dr Trust Service Center for Repair/Services.



Elevate your fitness journey with the Dr Trust Hercules Smart Body Fat Analyzer– 525, your ultimate companion for achieving your health and wellness goals. With its advanced features and seamless integration with the Dr Trust 360 app, this smart personal body weight scale offers a comprehensive solution for tracking essential body metrics and monitoring your progress over time. From measuring BMI and bone mass to muscle weight and body age, this weighing scale provides a holistic view of your health, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay motivated on your path to wellness.

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The Dr Trust Hercules BMI machine – 525 keeps you motivated and informed on your fitness journey, providing accurate measurements and comprehensive data analysis. Whether you're at home or on the go, the Hercules Smart Body Scale ensures accurate measurements and reliable performance, helping you stay focused and committed to your fitness journey. Please note that the warranty covers manufacturing defects, and customers can send products to our service center for repair under warranty.