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Dr Trust USA Kitchen Scale Weight Machine 508

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In The Box: Kitchen Weighing Scale with Bowl 

Warranty: Warranty upto 6 months from date of invoice for free by registering on manufacturer website within 15 days. Warranty program is conditional subject to terms and conditions of the manufacturer. 

  • Easy To Use: Dr Trust electronic kitchen weighing scale is the best kitchen scale with a compact size that can be easily placed on the kitchen counter without occupying too much space. Also, it is easy to move from one place to another
  • Easily Converts Measurements: It is the best digital kitchen scale in which you can easily convert Units between Pounds (lb), Ounces (oz), and Grams (g). Also, it has two volume unit systems ml, fl’oz convertible
  • Measure Capacity & Strain Gauge Sensor System: Dr Trust electronic kitchen weighing scale Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor and has maximum 5000g/11 LB measure capacity
  • Tare Function: It comes with a tare function in which it allows you the user to reset the weight as ingredients are added one after another without having to remove the previous ingredients. It allows the user to cancel out the weight of the container in which the ingredients will measure
  • Low Battery Indicator: Dr Trust electronic kitchen weighing scale comes with low battery indicators that allow the user replaces the battery before it shut down
  • Auto-Off Function: Auto off function feature turns off the scale automatically when it is left idle for a few minutes which help to prevent the wastage of batteries
  • Product of USA: Product of Nureca Inc New York USA is Designed and Engineered by Nureca Inc New York USA. "Accu Gauge" Technology Patented.

Dr Trust USA Modern Electronic kitchen scale Accu Gauge Technology Patented. Super strong scale with Digital Black LCD white backlight/ high precision strain gauge sensor/ measure capacity up to 5000 gram/11lb and also it has two volume unit systems ml, fl’oz convertible. Designed and Engineered by Nureca Inc, New York USA. Warranty program subject to terms and conditions Breakage of weighing scale, water damage, wear and tear, batteries excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defects in the weighing scale. Customers need to send scale to our service center for repair under warranty.


Dr Trust Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine

Be a Healthful Eater & Better Cook: Healthy change starts now! Preparing a healthy and tasty food item is an art and art needs precision. With this device, it is easy to weight ingredients in exact quantity and serves the purpose of making delicious and healthiest meals.


Equipped with high precision measurement sensors (Accu Gauge), the device meets your precise weighing requirements every single time. Its weighing capacity is 1g to 5kg with unit shuffling feature between g/lb: oz and ml/fl: oz.

Comes With a Bowl: You will get a high-quality BPA free & food safe bowl all along this digital weighing scale. Complementing well with the machine, the bowl is detachable and lightweight. You can flip the bowl over on top of the scale to save space during storage.


Tare Button with Low Battery Indicator & Auto on/off Function: The tare function in the device will eliminate the weight of the bowl or the container. This helps you to get the exact measurement of the ingredients. You can conserve the battery as the auto power off/on feature automatically switches off when you are not using the device.

Unit Conversion and LCD Display: Read weight measurement in any condition! Its advanced technology delivers quick, sharp & accurate responses every time. Backlighting makes LCD display visible. Push the automatic unit conversion button to select units among grams, millilitre, pounds & ounces.

Easy- To-Handle: It is a lightweight, portable and easy to maintain device. Its size is compact that’s why it can be easily placed on the kitchen counter. It is handy because of its lightweight and portable design.

Dr Trust – Trusted for Life

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