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Dr Trust USA Manual Breast Pump for Baby Feeding 6001

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In The Box: Manual Breast Pump


Dr Trust Manual Breast Pump- 6001 has a maximum of 350 mmHg suction strength to promote quick pumping. It remains gentle too as the level of suction can be adjusted easily by hands.


Completely safe as there is no BPA. The pump body (with an easy-express handle) and the reservoir both are made of PP. Express milk directly into the bottle to save it hygienically. Spares and Silicone cup should not be washed or cleaned with hot/lukewarm water.


The attached silicone cup comfortably conforms to the breast and easy to position. It also helps in stimulating milk flow with textured massage with pumping.


The pump designed to offer you a natural breast pumping experience. Depending on what suction level works best for you, you can control it by your hand.


This is more convenient & lightweight with a minimal number of attachments and no electric control. Sizes 20x8.5x17.5cm &weighs 220 g, it is easy to carry to express milk away from home. 


You need not learn any new technique to use it. It is straightforward to use through ergonomic handle which also makes it labor-saving.  It is easy to disassemble for cleaning and storing milk.


This is quiet in use and very useful to use during the times when your baby is sleeping. Its price is down as it does not have expensive components. 

The Dr Trust Manual Breast Pump- 6001 is designed to provide comfort and safety while expressing milk for tiny tots. Mothers can use this handy device for pumping milk multiple times in a day without discomfort. The structure of the pump is easy to assemble and use. It allows you to express milk in a relaxing position by sitting up straight. Our manual breast pump is made up of PP material and free from BPA and PVC. It is durable and easy to use just by squeezing the handle. As there are very a smaller number of parts, so extremely easy to use and clean. You can pack it easily in your purse or in your baby’s bag to use it on the go or on long-distance trips etc.  This is a genuine product at a very genuine price so, feel free to place an order and get fast delivery directly at your doorstep. The warranty covers manufacturing defects inside the product only. Customer to send product to our service center for repair. Please do not attempt to repair the product yourself /unauthorized repair as this will void the warranty. 


  • Lightweight & Easy to assemble
  • Allows expressing milk in a relaxing position
  • Comes with Dr Trust Milk Bottle.
  • Express handle for constant comfort
  • Ergonomic easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly