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Trumom USA Electric Steam Sterilizer for Baby Feeding Bottles and Food Steamer 2009

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In The Box:  Food Steamer

  • Electric Sterilizer for feeding bottles (6 bottle of all brands)
  • Baby Food Steamer
  • Baby Safe 100 % BPA Free Plastic
  • Includes 1 Year Warranty in India (warranty includes motor unit only, excludes damage due to voltage surge )
  • Fast Sterilization: kills 99.9% germs

  • Trumom electric sterilizer for feeding bottles and food steamer. Warranty subject to terms and condition as on our website and available in select modes of trumom products only. Breakage of trumom electric sterilizer, water damage, wear and tear, damage due to voltage surge, excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect inside trumom electric sterilizer motor only. Fast sterilization: Kills 99.9 percentage germs. Baby safe 100 percentage bpa free plastic. Product of Nureca Inc New York USA comes with six months Warranty from date of invoice generation for free by registering on manufacturer website within 15 days. The warranty is subject to the terms & conditions of the manufacturer. Designed and Engineered by Nureca Inc New York USA. Breakage of Sterilizer, Plastic excluded from warranty. 


    A Blessing for New Moms

    Being a newborn mom is like no other job in the world. We understand your chore, and made our product compatible to sterilize six bottles (any brand) at a time. You can also sterilize many other smaller and bigger items including breast pumps, bowls, spoons, small toys, teethers, cutleries together or separately.

    Complete Elimination of Bacteria

    It performs continuously as a high-temperature steam sterilization system and kills germs. It takes only 9 minutes to sterilize all the items kept in it. If you do not require using the bottles right away, you can leave them in the sterilizer for a long time with closed lid.

    Multifunctional & Long-lasting

    It can be used as an alternative to many things, which just fill the kitchen and have no use once your child has grown up. You can continue using this device when your baby starts weaning. Even when your kids are grown, you can use it as food steamer.


    Ergonomically Designed and Incredibly Handy

    The device is ergonomically designed with well-defined attachments including tongs, bottle shelf, nipple shelf, base and cover etc. and all these attachments are very easy to assemble. It is incredibly handy especially when you are travelling.


    Stress-Free Maintenance

    The heating coil of sterilizer is made up of high quality material and easy to clean. It consumes less time to clean if you soak it overnight in a mixture of vinegar and water as it automatically removes scaling appeared on it.

    Safe for Use

    The body of the device is made up of food-grade silicon, which is non-toxic and completely safe for use. It is resistant to heat up to 110 degrees.

    Express Love with Trumom

    We are passionately curious to unfold the secrets of motherhood. We are creating good products, as we want to give a healthy start for forthcoming generations. We ourselves are passionately curious parents who understand parenting is a challenging task. Our products are good because they are made with love and passion under the surveillance of healthcare professionals.


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