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Dr Trust USA Infrared Thermometer 615

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In The Box: Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Sleek & Sophisticated Thermometer

This thermometer is great as it reads the temperature of every age. It uses a laser sensor to give you clinically accurate readings from 3-5 cm. This is a non-contact device that you need to keep up to 3-5 cm away from your forehead and surface for scanning temperature.

Clinically Accurate Readings

Enjoy hospital-grade accurate results at home as the Dr Trust Thermometer 615 thermometer is tested for accuracy. Our thermometer comes with innovative infrared technology for quick and accurate measurements without even touching the body and object.

2 Measurement Modes

2 measurement modes include Body Mode and Object Mode for measuring the temperature of the body and surface without even touching them. Person Mode helps you to measure the temperature of your body while object Mode is for measuring the temperature of the baby bath water and other objects like baby bottles, etc.

Colour Coded Results

The device catches subtle changes in temperature and allows you to take quick actions accordingly. Its screen with backlight displays color-coded results –green light indicates normal body temperature and a red light indicates high fever.

Quick Result

Get immediate and accurate temperature measurements within 1 second by just pushing the button. It shuts off automatically when not in use.

For Entire Family

Babies love it and adults too! The thermometer is extremely easy to operate from babies to adults. As the product is non-contact and quick. It is the easiest way to measure your baby & kid's temperature without making contact with the body.

 35 Results Memory

The thermometer stores data of the past 35 - usages in its memory. Result units can also be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit as per your choice.

°C to °F Conversion

You can view temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. While unit conversion from °C to °F or vice versa makes it more convenient.

Premium Pouch added A premium pouch is added to the box so that it can be taken anywhere with you safely and easily. 


Are you on the lookout for a non-contact thermometer that can help you read body temperature as well as the temperature of different surfaces and liquids etc., then you must consider the Dr Trust Thermometer 615 by Dr Trust.  We have designed this thermometer for getting accurate readings, especially at home.  It can be useful around the home because you can use it while cooking baby food, baking, and doing bathing arrangements for your baby. It can also be used for multi-purposes as it comes with two different modes.  Comes with innovative infrared technology for quick and accurate measurement of temperature without even touching the body and object. Moreover, you can store up to 35 results to view them in Celsius and Fahrenheit on the easy-to-read display.  You will definitely like it as this is a compact, sleek and elegant ergonomic design so that it can be used easily in every household.  Further, it also turns off automatically when not in use.  It can be used to measure forehead, room, milk, water, and object temperature from a distance of up to 3-5 cm.

Key Features

  • Non-contact design, so safe and hygienic to use.
  • Quick measurement, in 1 second
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Measured spot LED Tracking light.
  • Easy to operate
  • 35 sets of memories, easy to recall
  • Switching between mute and un-mute mode
  • Fever alarm function, displayed in orange and red light.
  • Switching between ºC and ºF
  • Auto shut-down and power-saving

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