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Dr Trust Blood Pressure Monitors

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Everyday Home Use

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Professional Use

Precision for Professionals & Atrial Fibrillation Detection

Connected with Bluetooth

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For People with Poor Vision

Readings Clarity with extra-large digits & Voice Guidance in Hindi/English


Pediatric BP for Kids

Small size Cuff & Strain resistant Nylon for little tiny arms of kids


asked questions

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Which BP monitor is best for home use?

The Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Blood Pressure Monitor is highly recommended for its accuracy, voice-guided instructions, large display, memory storage, and irregular heartbeat detection.

How can I monitor my BP at home with a blood pressure machine?

To monitor your blood pressure at home with a Dr Trust BP monitor machine, follow these steps: Prepare by sitting comfortably, apply the cuff properly, turn on the monitor, take the reading while remaining still, record the result, and review it for any irregularities.

How to know if BP is high or low on BP checkup machine?

Measure your BP with Dr Trust BP testing machine and check - High blood pressure: Systolic consistently above 130 mm Hg, diastolic consistently above 80 mm Hg. Low blood pressure: Systolic consistently below 90 mm Hg, diastolic consistently below 60 mm Hg.

What is the normal range of blood pressure machine?

Normal range on a Dr Trust blood pressure testing machine is: Top number: Below 130 mm Hg Bottom number: Below 80 mm Hg

How can I bring my BP down quickly?

For a quick reduction in blood pressure:
 1. Practice deep breathing.
 2. Engage in physical activity.
 3. Eat a healthy diet low in sodium.
 4. Stay hydrated.
 5. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake.

When not to take blood pressure measurements?

Avoid using blood pressure reading machine after:
 1. Exercise
 2. Consuming caffeine
 3. Smoking
 4. A full meal
 5. Stressful situations
 6. Bathing
 7. Consuming alcohol

Which hand BP reading is correct?

Left arm readings are generally considered more accurate while using BP apparatus.

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