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Dr Trust USA Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine with Adjustable Cuff Accurate Automatic BP Testing Watch Monitor with Large Display For Easy Use - 125

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In The Box: Wrist BP Monitor

Warranty: Warranty up to 5 Years from the date of invoice for free for customers buying directly from Dr Trust Website.

Clinically Accurate Monitoring

The Dr Trust Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor guarantees the highest level of precision and reliability with featured cutting-edge MDD technology. This device adheres to medical standards, providing trustworthy blood pressure measurements with every use. Its large and clear display makes easy to read results for individuals of all ages.

WHO, Position Detection & Low Battery Indicators

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicator empowers you with valuable health insights so that you can interpret your blood pressure readings against recognized health standards. The intelligent Position Detection Indicator ensures that you are in the correct posture for accurate readings. The low battery indicator ensures you are aware of when it's time to replace the batteries.

Automatic BP Machine Averages Last 3 Readings

Enjoy the convenience of fully automatic operation! Designed to simplify the blood pressure monitoring process for effortless use. Also, you can gain insights into your blood pressure trends with the average of your last three readings, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of your cardiovascular health.

Ultra Quiet, Comfortable With Data Storage

Our Wrist BP ensures ultra-quiet operation for a comfortable monitoring experience in various settings. It can also store and track the blood pressure data for two users independently. With a memory capacity of 120 readings for each user, you can easily track your blood pressure history over time.

Portable, Flexible Wrist Cuff

The compact and portable design makes the Dr Trust Wrist BP an ideal companion for on-the-go health monitoring. The flexible cuff provides a comfortable and secure fit on your wrist, accommodating various wrist sizes for a hassle-free monitoring experience.

Batteries and Storage Case Included

The device comes with 2 AAA batteries, ensuring you can start monitoring your blood pressure right out of the box. You can keep your Wrist BP secure and protected with the included storage case, making it easy to carry and store.

Embrace the future of blood pressure monitoring with the Dr Trust wrist bp monitor digital machine – a reliable and feature-packed device designed to empower you in your journey towards better cardiovascular health. Dr Trust digital BP machine combines precision, convenience, and user-friendly features to deliver a comprehensive blood pressure monitoring solution. By offering clinically accurate readings, average calculations, and robust data storage capabilities, this device empowers individuals to take charge of their cardiovascular health with the assurance of reliable and insightful information.

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Moreover, Dr Trust Wrist BP Monitor stands out as a beacon of accuracy, offering clinically precise blood pressure monitoring at the convenience of your wrist. You can take charge of your cardiovascular health with the assurance of reliable and insightful information. So HURRY UP! Make informed decisions and prioritize your well-being with Dr Trust – the wrist BP monitor that you can trust with NO doubts.


  • Clinically Accurate BP Monitoring
  • Average of Last 3 Readings
  • Position Detection Indicator
  • Stores Results with Date & Time
  • Position Detection Indicator
  • 2 Users' Data Storage
  • 120 Memory Each User