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Dr Trust USA Air Mattress 318

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In The Box: Air Mattress with Pump + Tube + Repairing Kit


Dr Trust Aerocare Anti Decubitus Air Mattress is a grade non-toxic material mattress with air pump. Its unique design created using latest technology and material to meet medical standard and provide right care to the patients.


It provides relief from bed sores and ulcers caused by extended bedrest. Perfect for immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift their weight frequently. Increases blood circulation and helps in managing skin maceration.


Moves patient’s body comfortably. It consists of 130 individual air bubbles that inflate and deflate alternatively within 6 minutes. The inflation and deflation process keep shifting the pressure points so that the individual’s body remains in motion.


The mattress imbues latest low air leak technology. Comes with two specialized air vent closure caps on the air tube to prevent air leaks. Low air loss leaves the patient feeling comfortable and cool for long time.


Proven design has easy installation and set-up. Comes with adjustable pump simple control button that makes easy to set the level of pressure as per the patient’s comfort. It can also be used on existing mattress.


The mattress sizes 200cm×90cm×7cm. It is a perfect fit for most of the beds at home and for hospital beds. Its pump produces constant air flow silently without disturbing restful sleep of patients. Its gross weight is 2.02kg and supports up to 135 kg body weight.


Waterproof, antibacterial, and fire-resistant mattress offers maximum benefits. The PVC material used for making the mattress makes it safe by avoiding any hazardous conditions.

Buy the Dr Trust Aerocare Anti Decubitus Air Mattress and feel the difference. This premium quality PVC mattress is a perfect fit for all those patients suffering from injuries or bed ridden for any other reason. It prevents bedsores and ulcers by inflating and deflating air bubbles alternatively. Air pump with variable pressure dial allows to control the air flow. Its pump is ultra-quiet and allows customization of pressure level as per patient’s comfort level. The material used for making the mattress is waterproof and medical grade which makes it completely safe for use in all conditions. Breakage of product, water damage and wear and tear excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect in product. Customer need to send product to our service center for repair under warranty.


Effective Care through Alternating Therapy

The Dr Trust Air Mattress offers added comfort and support for bedridden patients. The mattress comes with 130 individual air bubbles that allow air to pass through the surface and ventilate the patient’s back for complete care or prevention of bedsores. It relieves the pain of sores and pressure ulcers by maintaining alternating pressure.


Waterproof, antibacterial and fire resistant mattress offers maximum benefits. Made with quality medical grade PVC material, the assembly of the mattress is leak proof. It ensures maximum comfort as its bubble pad surface allows more space and air ventilation.


Pump up the air mattress in minutes with the provided air pump. However, the pump has to be continuously ‘ON’ to maintain alternating pressure and avoid loss of air. For setting the level of the pressure, the switch knob on the pump body can be used.


The energy-efficient pump is designed for easy, vibration-free and fast one-click inflation. It can be placed easily with the patients’ beds through integrated hangers. These are suitable for hanging with all kinds of bed frames.


The mattress fits well to all standard size beds. It can be placed over the top of an existing mattress and an ideal choice for use in the home, health care, or nursing home. It comes with two adjustable hangers that make it suitable for hanging with all kinds of hospital bed frames.


Set up the air mattress in your home, health care center or nursing home and inflate it with the pump. The choice of pressure and comfort is yours. The dimensions of the mattress are 200 x 90 x 6 cm with a lightweight body. It is a perfect choice while you are looking for a portable and a perfect space saver option.

Dr Trust - Trusted by Doctors, Made for Everyone

Dr Trust team is driven by a passion for innovation and it is our endeavor to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our product range comprises CE and FDA approved medical devices and health monitors, which are backed by pioneering technology. Doctors, health professionals and home users alike, trust them.

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