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Epsom Salt: Wide-Ranging Benefits from Pain Management to Muscle Recovery and Beyond

Epsom Salt: Wide-Ranging Benefits from Pain Management to Muscle Recovery and Beyond

Epsom salt is used in traditional healing practices. It is considered a remedy for muscle pain, aches, and inflammation. Dissolve it in warm water for soaking in an Epsom salt bath to relax.



Did you ever pour Epsom salt into your bath? Wondering, what is this white stuff and where does it come from? What are its benefits? It resembles table salt, it is not meant to be consumed because it tastes bitter and unpleasant. Read to know more about this unbelievable natural ingredient below!  



Epsom salt is an amazingly versatile mineral used in different traditional healing practices. The benefits are countless. It works against- muscle soreness, pain, inflammation, and stress and helps you remain active all the time. What makes it more popular is its use in healing practices. Traditional healers use it in different ways to treat a variety of chronic pain and related ailments. 

Its Roots

Epsom salt gets its name from a town named Epsom, Surrey situated in London from where it was first extracted in 1618 by a rural community. This town had a bitter saline water spring containing Epsom salt. The active mineral of this bitter water was magnesium sulfate which crystallized as Epsom Salt. The use of Epsom salt as a pain reliever has been considered in history too. Do Epsom salt baths actually do anything? Click to know the effects of bathing in an Epsom salt bath.

Why it is Called *Bath Salt*?

The most common use of Epsom salt is using it in warm bathwater because it is very effective to relax body pain, soreness, and discomfort. Epsom salt is a chemical compound known as 'magnesium sulfate' which breaks down into magnesium and sulfate when placed in water. Bathing avoids magnesium’s laxative effect by allowing its absorption through the skin.  Bathing allows the body to absorb as much magnesium as it needs. It helps to relax tired large muscle groups especially after a stressful activity or a long day at the office, without the side effects like orally ingested magnesium. Moreover, it is also popular because soaking in it won’t affect you in negatively in any way.

Read here the scientific evidence backing the claim. 



Not only Emilia Clarke, but you can also have an Epsom salt bath with no hassle. You can buy Dr Trust EpsoMax Body Wash which is made of pure Epsom salt and best for easy use. You can use this body wash to have a stress-release spa-like experience at home because combined essential oils make it even more beneficial. When added to warm water, it can help alleviate muscle pain, stress, swelling by improving blood circulation. It also helps soften skin and benefit mental health.  

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Epsom salt baths are popular as they offer a number of benefits that everyone can enjoy. Here are the potential benefits.

Key Benefits 

  • Soothes inflammation
  • Supports recovery after exercise
  • Relaxes tired, aching feet
  • Helps reduce stress

Chronic Pain Management & Recovery

If you’re dealing with chronic body pain, inflammation, and soreness, soaking in an Epsom salt bathwater could offer quick relief. Inflammation is the main reason for a number of health issues from acute to chronic pain. As explained above Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound and high in anti-inflammatory properties. During the event of injury, inflammation starts but magnesium calms this process and works as an effective natural cure for aching muscles, and joints by promoting speedy recovery. Inflammation is also the reason for many other health issues, that’s why when you soak in an Epsom salt bath, you may feel relieved from all these issues.

Lessen Stress

Mental fog, unhappy mood, muscle twitching, insomnia, restless legs, and seizures are some common symptoms of mental illness and magnesium deficiency can worsen them.  However, the causes of mental illness are not known, but science suggests that a hot bath can clean off stress easily with preventing mental illness effects.  Many studies have found that magnesium plays important role in mental health while its deficiency for a prolonged time can disturb the functioning of the mind by changing the chemical chemistry.  As Epsom salt has magnesium which is absorbed through the skin, helps in managing levels of cortisol, and passes a sensation of relaxation and pleasure. 1

Detoxify Body

Soaking in Epsom salt detoxifies your body to eliminate toxins and make you energized. As the skin has pores, the process of reverse osmosis flushes out harmful substances including toxins and heavy metals, etc. It also helps you gain more energy so that you feel more invigorated and revitalized.



Controlling Blood Sugar

Both ingredients magnesium and sulfate help in refining the insulin production and utilization process. It helps in controlling the severity of diabetes. Additionally, don’t forget blood sugar monitoring as this is very important to manage it. You also be able to get to know what makes your sugar count go down or up.

Food portion counting also helps to reduce blood sugar levels. If you want insights into your eating habits download the DrTrust 360 app and make food tracking easier.

Also, read to know about some other effective natural remedies to manage your hypertension.

Relieves Cramping

Females can be benefited from Epsom salt baths as they will assist in controlling period cramping and fatigue. Studies found that PMS symptoms worsen with the deficiencies of magnesium and serotonin.2  Conversely, if you start taking Epsom salt baths it will lead to less pain during those tough days. It will also help in controlling mood swings associated with periods.

Relaxes Tired, Aching Feet

Foot pain after a long working day is common for many of us. A foot soak in warm water with Dr Trust EpsoMAX body wash can do wonders for relaxing tired and aching feet. It can also help relieve the effects on athletes’ feet. Further, you can head to Dr Trust EpsoMAX Foot Cream to use this natural treatment anytime anywhere. Dr Trust EpsoMAX foot cream could work as the best remedy to take care of your feet at work and at home.



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