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Dr Trust USA Orthopedic Electric Heating Pad for Muscle Pain Relief I Heat Belt Lower Back Heat Therapy I Abdominal Stomach Pain I Period Cramps I Waist Wrap With Temperature Settings I Lumbar, Shoulder & Knee Pain Management 350

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In The Box: 1 Heat pad with Belt and temperature controller - One size fits all 

Warranty: 1 Year

Heating Pad for Quick Pain Relief

Dr Trust Orthopaedic Heat Belt is ideal for rapid pain relief with effective heat delivery. The flexible wrap-type heating pad is ISO 9001, CE, and ROHS-approved to provide safe and comfortable support. Our electric heating belt gives you a gentle and relaxing feel and reduces lower back pain, muscle pull impact, stiffness, soreness, menstrual cramps, lumbar pain, and body muscle pain.

3 Levels of Temperature Settings

Fast heating technology starts providing soothing backbone pain relief within a few seconds of the application of the electric heating belt for pain relief on your back. It features 3 levels of temperature settings (High, Medium, and Low) so that you can also adjust the level of heat as per your comfort level. Additionally, the warmth of the orthopedic heat pad promotes blood circulation and relaxes tight stiff muscles.

Convenient + Versatile Use

The electric heating pad features a user-friendly operation system. A convenient handheld controller with a single button ensures straightforward operation of the orthopedic heating belt for back pain. A 2.45-meter-long power cord provides flexibility to apply the backache belt to various body areas, enabling you to find the most comfortable and relaxing positions.

Safe & Soft Material

Built-in 3 layers of insulation + 1 fabric pouch ensure safety during usage of the electric warming pad. The built-in intelligent system prevents overheating during continuous running when the temperature of the heating pad is kept at a high level. Premium quality polyester fabric provides a soft and comfortable feel with excellent heat delivery for maximum relief.

Easy Maintenance

The orthopedic heat belt for back pain is not only easy to operate but also easy to maintain. Its machine washable feature ensures effortless cleaning. Moreover, the back pain belt can be easily removed and is machine washable and dryer safe, offering convenient care and hygiene.

Accessible For Anyone

This versatile electric heating belt for the waist can be used at home or at work to alleviate back pain and is hassle-free to adjust to different body parts using Velcro straps on both sides. This makes this back strain belt accessible for anyone seeking quick relief from various discomforts, including back pain, muscle stiffness, stress, joint pain, body cramps, and more. 

Get quick back pain relief with this Dr Trust Orthopaedic Heat Belt that comes with adjustable straps on the left and right sides. Three heating levels and a flexible type design make the electric heating pad belt comfortable and easy to use for the affected body part. It promotes blood circulation to soothe your muscle pain. This is an ideal solution for targeted pain relief from lower and upper back pain, lumbar spine arthritis, and muscle soreness providing a pleasant feeling of relaxation.  Our heating belt delivers a stream of warmth to the affected back to ease pain and cramps. Quick heating starts in 10-20 seconds and spreads through to the tissues, muscles, joints, etc.

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Our heating pad for back pain increases blood circulation and is a completely safe and effective solution for back pain and stiff joints that build up in your body daily. Temperature level can be adjusted to -Low, medium, and high as per requirements. Its cover is made with soft, durable, and comfortable polyester fabric, which delivers enhanced heat and comfort during usage. It is removable and washable for easy care and maintenance.

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