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Dr Physio USA Foot Spa Pedicure Tub Machine with Manual Rollers 1025

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In The Box:  Foot Spa Massager

10 Massage Rollers + 2 Bubble Aperture

The massager is equipped with 10 massage rollers dotted with nodes for more effective foot reflex zone massage. These massage nodes stimulate acupressure points to improve blood circulation and massage experience. Two bubble apertures create jacuzzi-like bubbles so that you can cherish a luxury foot spa at home.  


The massager offers bubble massage with temperature and light functions. It relieves fatigue quickly through in-built water heating technology that allows you to maintain the water temperature at a set level efficiently. You can soak your feet without discomfort for reducing fatigue and pain quickly. While bubbles trickle through the water to pamper your feet and melt away stress efficiently.

Easy to Use 

The digital display with simple touch buttons is easy to understand for all users. Temperature, jet massage, and bubbles, all settings can be controlled conveniently and visibly through this control panel. The bubble jet plus heat functions soothe and relax overstressed feet quickly and give you a perfect foot spa experience.

Stylish and Portable

The foot spa massager made of premium quality plastic and durable for long-time use. It has a stylish and fashionable appearance that looks great when you take it around through the easy-to-carry handle. Moreover, it could be a perfect choice for personal use as well as to gift others.

Safe and Fit for all 

The safety of customers always remains our top priority. You can put your feet inside it without any fear as our foot spa massager is powered by 220 V and shockproof. It is installed with no-slip feet and completely safe for use on different types of flooring. You also need not worry about the fit and comfort as it fits well with all sizes of feet.

Bring home the best quality foot spa massager and pamper your feet in the comfort of your home! Buy Dr Physio Foot Spa Massager from Dr Trust and enjoy maximum pampering with no mess. It is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the package. The massager is a combination of the rolling massage, the water bubbles, and the heated water. It greatly helps in decreasing the tiredness of your feet that you feel at the end of a long hectic day. This all-in-one-foot spa massager comes with ten massage rollers with heat-retaining abilities to maximize the benefits of foot massage. It gives you instant relief from sore and tired feet with reflexology rollers that target acupressure points to give you a relaxing massage. It is perfect as you can choose the settings- bubble massage, bubble/ heating, and light/heating to make your massage sessions more relaxing and soothing. Impressively, you can add warm water to it and can set a temperature to keep it warm. It shut off automatically within 60 minutes.


  1. 10 massage rollers
  2. Push buttons to control temperature and bubbles 
  3. Power voltage 220V 
  4. Keep water warm 
  5. Max capacity of water tub is 5.5 L
  6. The automatic shut off time is 60 minutes
  7. Anti-slip feet for safe usage on all type of flooring
  8. Lightweight and easy to carry the device