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Dr Trust USA Hot Cold pack Himalaya Salt Eye Pillow sinus relief 323

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In The Box: Hot Cold Eye Pillow Pack

Himalayan Salt Hot & Cold Therapy

This is a first-of-its-kind revolutionary natural therapy inspired by Ayurvedic principles with numerous benefits. Packed with fine-quality organic Himalayan Salt, it is an excellent source of hot and cold therapy. You can have enormous healing benefits including getting rid of eye pain and fatigue, sinuses, blocked nose, and congestion, etc.

Relaxes Your Eyes & Aching Body Parts

Use Dr Trust Himalayan Salt pillow to soothe your tense eyes. It is well designed for comfortable use and easy wearing. Regular use of this pillow will enhance the eye moisturizer by promoting blood circulation around.

Safe and Easy To Use

Our pillow is an excellent choice for having natural heat therapy and cold therapy anytime anywhere. Fine quality pink crystals of Himalayan salt are packed in skin-friendly soft fabric. Just need to keep the pillow in the freezer (for about 60 minutes) for cold compression and in the microwave (for about 30 seconds) for hot compression therapy.

Hot Moist Crystal Healing

Pink salt crystals deliver the moist hot treatment with heating in the microwave. Unlike dry heat, moist heat is very effective for deep penetration into the muscles for effective results and quick pain relief. It retains the moisture on your skin. Also, help in breathing easily by loosening mucus and clearing sinuses.

Cool Crystal Therapy

Cool Himalayan salt therapy is significant for relieving swollen muscles, injuries, inflammation, and joint pain, etc. Cool therapy prevents the pain from getting worse especially when applied after an injury. Effectively promotes joint mobility and reduces muscle spasms.

Multipurpose Small Size

A small size (23x10 cm) pillow is portable and handy to use in many applications. It is flexible to adapt the shape of any body part that needed treatment. You can apply it on any strained body part to reduce muscle aches, joint pain, and ligaments aches. 


Heating and cooling time for your Himalayan salt pillow will vary depending on your choice and the size of the oven. Just make sure that your pillow is not too hot before using it. Reheat only if needed. Place your Salt pillow to store indefinitely. Do not wash the pillow only dry cleaning is recommended.

You would love this natural revolutionary eye therapy technique! Dr Trust Himalayan Salt Eye Pillow is a unique natural heating pad technique designed for having the best external warn and cool therapy inspired by Ayurveda. It is the best eco-friendly and reusable eye pillow with multi-benefits. When used as a heated salt pad, it relaxes the eyes and relieves your sinuses by loosening mucus. Simply heat the pan in the microwave for some time and apply it on strained areas to release muscle tension. As a cool pad, you can use it in many applications for quick healing of different body parts. It is reusable and can be heated or cooled thousand times for use. It helps to relieve stress, menstrual pain, strained muscles, arthritis, sports pain, knee pain, neck pain, leg pain, back pain, hip pain, joint pain, and headaches, etc.