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Goldstandard USA Currency Cash Note Counting Machine 3001



Ergonmically Designed to Count and Detect Counterfeit Currency


Gold Standard Currency Counting machine is ergonomically designed to accurately count the money and to detect counterfeit currencies. It gives you a reliable performance through its smart design and convenient operation.


The device is very quick to count the currency notes. It operates at 1000pcs/min at maximum accuracy. This feature makes the currency counter even more worthy of your money. You can put around 300 currency notes into the hopper at one time.


Various detection sensors instilled in the machine viz UV sensor which would beep an alarm if the banknote does not have ultraviolet character, MG Sensor, if the banknote does not have magnetic character and the AUTO start sensor which enables the machine to count money automatically, once the notes are fed into it.


Metal thread scanning is also available in the machine for optional counterfeit detection.


The convenient operations and its features like vivid LCD display, LED external screen and convenient sensors make Gold Standard currency counting machine a worthy product to buy.


The device is made compatible with Indian currency, both old and new as well as foreign currencies too. It is also designed for future currencies that are yet to be discovered.