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Dr Trust USA Small Orthopaedic Electric Heating Pad 321s with Hand straps

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In The Box: Hot Electric Heating Pad

Warranty: 1 Year

Instant Heat 

Our rectangular heating pad heats up quickly, providing you instant relief. It releases heat through the safe gel with electricity. Released heat penetrates deep into the applied muscles for pain relief.  The heating pad reaches around 85 degrees in a few seconds and lasts for hours. 

For Fast Pain Relief

Get quick relief when you need it!  Our pain relief bag is easy to apply to your stomach, back, muscles, joints, and more for quick relief. It works like magic on sore muscles, aching joints, and tissue injuries and is best for Menstrual Cramps. 

Safe & Reusable

Our reusable gel pad is made of high-quality medical-grade gel which is safe and odorless. Its in-built thermostat and four layers of insulation ensure your safety. While it’s flexible built adapts to your body shape for maximum effect.

Easy To Use with 2 Hand Support Straps

Comes with a 1.7 m electrical cable to connect it conveniently to a wall socket or main electricity source. While inbuilt 2 hand supports make it easy to apply it on different body parts. 

Machine Washable Soft Coverage

Experience warm cozy feelings as needed throughout your day! Ultra-soft coverage, gives an awesome cozy feeling, wherever you use it. The coverage is washable to maintain hygiene. 

Use Wherever You Need

250 mm x 180 mm size provides proper coverage to various body parts and muscle group areas including leg, knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, and others. It delivers a stream of heat to the affected body part for quick relief. 

Dr Trust Small Heating Pad- 321 (S) is an incredibly practical pad that can be utilized quickly and efficiently on different body parts without help. It helps in providing instant relief with soothing heat. It starts working in a few minutes and you can use it yourself to relieve sore joints and affected body parts.  It is the best electric heating pad as it comes with features like quick warmth, insulation, auto-cut, and many other features for reliable use. This small-sized pad comes with two hand support straps that make it easy to apply to any body part like the stomach, back, legs, and across the muscles and joints for quick relief. It works like magic on sore muscles, aching joints, and tissue injuries and is the best for Menstrual Cramps.


Electric Gel Heat Pad

This pad features Gel Heating Technology to warm you up quickly with instant heat delivery. It helps soothe soreness and aches quickly. The heating pad delivers a stream of heat to the affected area and provides pleasant muscle relaxation. It eases back pain and unbearable cramps quickly.

Rapid Heating

It only takes a few minutes to heat up. You just need to connect it to the main power supply before applying it to the affected body part. It can heat up to 85 degree Celsius to provide the ultimate comfort.  It ensures long-lasting relaxation by alleviating the pain in affected areas.

Small and Versatile

The mini-sized light weighted heating pad has been designed to contour your body parts including your back, stomach, knee, shoulder, and even elbow. Just apply it around the part your ache is and let its heat therapy comfort relax you.

Targeted Pain Relief

The heating pad targets the pain right from the place where you have used it. Targeted heat helps alleviate stress from overused, inflamed muscles and joints. Ease tension, strain, and chronic pain from the upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, back, and spine. It increases blood flow, relaxes spasms, and comforts muscles.

Premium Quality Fabric

Made with a soft & sweat-resistant fabric, this small pad is easy to maintain. It can also be cleaned with mild soap and water. Just let it dry before reusing it.  Also, you can wipe the fabric with a damp cloth.

Easy To Use

You don’t need to adjust the heat levels as it comes with one high heating mode.  It also has two hand support straps for easy use and giving you a cozy feeling in during winter.