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Dr Trust USA Lumbo Sacral LS Belt (Back Support for Men & Women, Adjustable Lumbar Support, Back Pain Support)- 330

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In The Box: Back lumbar support

Semi-rigid Back Support

Designed to provide significant support to the injured backbone and its muscles, joints, and disc! By applying pressure to the torso it provides full back support during walking, sitting, and lifting. It reduces muscle pull impact and stiffness by significantly reducing the range of motion towards forward and backward as well as side bending. 

Immediate Relief + Correct Posture

Dr Trust Lumbar Brace Belt-330 stabilizes the waist by reducing micro-motion and improves the chances of healing. It gives you immediate relief from back strains, sprains, sciatica, muscle spasms, back pain, herniated disc, and more. It also reduces the burden of your back from working and walking all day long!

Double Pull Belt for Variable Compression

There is a double pull system (2 layers belt) to give you added compression and a better fitting. The 1st layer provides comfort to the back, waist, and abdomen. The 2nd layer can be used to adjust and tighten the belt according to your comfort.

Arc Design with 5 Support Bars

Comes with 5 rigid splints to provide focused force to the waist and painful area. While the oblique arc design is made it a perfect fit as per the curvy shape of your lower back so that pressure can be dispersed easily on the lumbar muscles and spine to effectively reduce the pain of injuries. 

Washable Heavy-Duty Lumbar Brace

We guarantee the highest quality because we know you deserve the best! High strengthened support belt is made up of breathable mesh material which is porous and airy for releasing the sweat and excess heat from the back effectively. In addition, skin-friendly and anti-bacterial qualities ensure that it is indeed safe for use.

Choose Right Size

Available in 4 sizes (M, L, XL, and XXL) to provide professional relief and protection to your back. Measure your waist and choose a size that can effectively cover your torso, abdominal and hip area for maximum relief and quick recovery. Moreover, it can be worn easily under and over any clothes with dual-layer adjustable wrap.


It is integrated with a pocket to keep a hot or cold gel pack inside to get instant relief. Pocket helps to keep the gel pack positioned in place, so you can stay active during usage (gel pack is not included). 

Forget about back pain and start the new journey to healing with Dr Trust Mesh Lumbar Solid Support Belt -330! Dr Trust is known for providing the finest quality healthcare products for its customers. We have designed the back brace to give you quick and lasting relief from sore back muscles, herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, and other related issues. It has a flexible texture so that you feel comfortable while sitting, walking, lifting weight, and performing any of your daily chores without harming your quality of life. This is secure heavy-duty Velcro that remains in place even after continuous body movement. It provides a fine grip and remains in place even after prolonged use and intense activity. Its fabric is porous, sweat-resistant, and breathable so that it remains ventilated even in hot weather.