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Dr Trust USA Icheck Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun PRO 601

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In the Box: 1 icheck Infrared Thermometer + batteries + carry pouch

2 Measurement Modes 

2 measurement modes include Body Mode and Object Mode for measuring temperature of body and surface.  Keep the thermometer in contact of forehead and ear for measuring body temperature. For surface’s temperature measurement, no need to touch the surface. Just keep the thermometer 1-5 cm away from the surface to measure temperature.

Accurate Results Quickly*

Comes with an advanced sensor chip for quick and accurate measurement of temperature. Designed to display the temp very clearly on the large size LCD display in large size digits. It is extremely quick as gives results in 1 sec on with no fuss.  While temperature unit conversion from °C to °F or vice versa makes it more convenient.

Intelligent Colour Coded Results +Fever Alarm

Thermometer’s display will turn red when temperature is very high and becomes green when temperature is low. Orange when temperature is normal. Ergonomic design of it make it easy to hold and operate. Other additional features include memory (store up to 35 recent readings at a time), and silent or alarm to make temperature measurement more convenient. Powered by 2AAA batteries, this is a perfect device for all ages. Breakage of product, water damage and wear and tear excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect in product. Customer need to send product to our service center for repair under warranty.


Ear and Forehead Thermometer with Silent Mode


Our thermometer comes with two temperature measurement modes; body mode and object mode.  You need to place the thermometer in contact with the forehead and eardrum to measure the body temperature. While for measuring the temperature of baby food and other surfaces you need to place it 1-5 cm away from the object.  


The Dr Trust iCheck Ear and Forehead Thermometer ensures precision and best accuracy with each result. It is equipped with the latest advanced smart chip and ear probe to deliver reliable readings. Its built-in sensors absorb energy emitted from the forehead, ear, and surface and convert it to an accurate temperature measurement.


The thermometer gives you precise results within 1 second. While temperature unit conversion from °C to °F or vice versa option makes it more convenient to measure your body temperature. The thermometer shows temperature measurements in large size digits on the LCD display.


The thermometer uses colour coded system to alarm you when you require immediate medical attention. Its display will turn red when temperature crosses 100.58℉/38.1℃. It displays green when temperature is below 97.6℉ /36.5℃ and orange when temperature is between 99.68℉ to 100.4℉ /37.6 ℃ to38.0℃.


You can use it silently to measure the temperature of your sleeping baby as its beep sound can be turned off easily. If fever alarm function is ON and the temperature crosses the standard fever level, it lights red with five beeps. It lights green with 1 beep for normal temperature and orang with three beeps for light fever.


Equipped with two useful buttons to give you quick measurements with a gentle click. Weighs 66 g (without battery), the thermometer is convenient for carrying along in the provided pouch during traveling. It also stores the last 35 measurements for future reference.


This is perfect device for all ages. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this is the best contact type ear and forehead thermometer for infants (above 3 months), babies, kids, toddlers, adults, and senior citizens. You can measure temperature with a gentle swipe on the forehead.  Ear mode can be applied for the child above 3 months old.

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