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Dr Physio USA Double Head Body Massager Machine 1010

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In The Box: Double Head Body Massager with 3 massage Heads

Gives Vibratory Professional Massage

Infrared body massager with vibration gives deep massage for fast pain relief. Its powerful motor delivers up to 3,350 pulses per minute. While massage intensity can be controlled through multiple personalized speed features easily.

2 Massage Head with Three Attachments

It is a double head electric massager with a set of three different types of attachments. These attachments give effective massage to almost every part of the body. It is great for use in areas such as the neck, head, shoulders, back, calves, legs, and foot etc.

Long Curvy Handle

Newly adopted long curvy handle looks stylish and classic. It is specially designed for massaging back and other hard-to-reach areas with ease. It presses the acupuncture points to relieve muscles pain quickly.

Easy to Use

Built with a premium quality plastic, the handle of the massager is non-slippery and comfortable for using on the overall body. While massage intensity can be controlled by intensity control dial with no hassle.

Unique and Perfect Seasonal Gift

Portable and high-quality massager. It can be a good gift to your friends, parents, family, elder for helping them to maintain a relaxed, healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

Therapeutic and Fatigue Relief

The percussion massage pillow is your moving personal masseuse that promotes fast healing and relaxation. Built for delivering deep tissue body massage, it relieves muscles tension and pain while enhancing blood circulation.

Muscles pain, sprains, and aches can happen anytime to anyone. So, you must have a body massager at home. Buy Dr Physio USA Double Head Body Massager to get quick pain relief at home through shiatsu massage. This professional body massager comes with 2 massage heads and three different types of attachments that deliver customized massage to relax tired and paining muscles by promoting blood circulation. Hurry up! Buy now to enjoy vibrating massage session to feel relaxed and stress-free the entire day. Warranty subject to terms and condition and available in select modes of Dr Physio massagers only. Breakage of the massager, water damage, electric damage from voltage surge, wear and tear, adapter and batteries excluded from the warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defect inside massager motor only. Activate warranty here within 15 days of purchase. Customers need to send the product to Dr Trust service center for repair.

  • whole full body massager
  • massager machine for pain relief
  • back neck arms legs shoulder foot

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