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Deliveries are Impacted Due to Night Curfew & Lockdown in Several States

Dr Trust USA A-one Max Connect Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor BP machine 105

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In The Box: BP Monitor + Comfortable cuff + Batteries 

Extended Warranty: Extended warranty upto 5 Years from date of invoice for free by registering on manufacturer website within 15 days. Extended warranty program is conditional subject to terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

  • Monitors Pulse Rate & Heartbeat: It is an ergonomically designed device that is useful in measuring irregular heartbeats because of increased or decreased blood pressure. It measures the systolic & diastolic BP and detects pulse irregularities
  • Dual Talking (Hindi / English): Dr Trust A-One Max Bluetooth Dual Talking Digital Blood Pressure Testing Monitor Machine (Grey) comes with dual talking guidance (Hindi & English) and mute mode.
  • Micro USB Port: Equipped with a micro universal port, the device works efficiently through multiple peripheral USB devices like laptop, desktop, power bank, or any branded mobile charger
  • Smart-phone Enabled Device: It makes BP checking as easy as checking the time. Connect it easily to your smart-phone and interacts with the "Dr Trust BP CONNECT APP". It can be connected wireless through Bluetooth 4.0 and supports android 4.4 & IOS 9. 0 or above systems
  • 3 Color Hypertension Backlight Indicators: It features the WHO indicator. On normal reading the screen color becomes green. For slightly higher readings the backlight changes to yellow indicating pre-hypertension. Extremely high readings in hypertension are indicated by red backlight
  • Data Storage: It allows you to store BP readings data on your phone. You can add more than one user's data with their profile identity.
  • Compatible To All Smart Phones: It is compatible with i phone x, 8plus, i phone 8, 7plus, i phone 7, 6s, 6 plus, i phone 5, 5s, Samsung galaxy s7, s6 edge, note 5, lg, nexus, htc, Vivo, oppo, redmiand more
  • Product of USA: Highest Standard Of Quality, Designed And Engineered By Nureca Inc USA. Patented Technology and Design from the USA.

Do you have Hypertension? Now no need to visit the clinic or nursing home to check your BP reading. Buy Dr Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth Dual Talking Digital Blood Pressure Testing Monitor Machine (Grey), which comes with patented Fuzzy Algorithm Technology to measure your BP regularly at home or on the go. It is smart, digital, and easier to use. It prevents overpressure on the arm by maintaining ideal cuff inflation and deflation according to the user’s comfort and BP readings. The BP monitor can transfer and save your measurements on your phone through Bluetooth technology. It measures pulse rate all along with systolic and diastolic blood pressure and displays on its digital display backed by backlight for high readability. Additionally, it features a WHO indicator that alerts users instantly when irregular heartbeats are different from the standard numbers set by the world health organization.

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Track Your BP Smartly


The smart Dr Trust A-One Max Connect works with the Dr Trust App that connects this device to your android and IOS phone for ease of usage. Just switch on the Bluetooth mode to unlock its awesome benefits.


Instant monitoring has never been easier. Our BP monitor allows you to share your BP measurements straight to your family members or doctor by email with a simple touch of a button within the app.


It evaluates your Blood Pressure according to the WHO guidelines. Three-colour backlight illuminates its large size digital LCD display. Greenlight indicates optimal BP; yellow indicates elevated BP and red specifies high BP.


Say goodbye to expensive adapters or any other fussy attachment! It is a compact and portable device with a micro US compatible port. You can power this device either from a laptop, tablet, or any other compatible power source or with 4 AAA batteries.


Dual talking (Hindi and English) feature is a boon for those who have weak eyesight. If you do not want to use this sound feature, you can switch off to mute voice feedback as per your ease.


You can measure systolic BP, diastolic BP, and pulse rate with ease.


With the universal conical cuff for an arm circumference of 22-42 cm, the device provides accurate results. It detects pulse irregular heartbeat easily and warrants your further investigation.


It can save data of unlimited users in memory thereby relieving them from the hassle of manually recording their measurements.


Dr Trust - Trusted by Doctors, Made for Everyone

Dr Trust team is driven by a passion for innovation and it is our endeavor to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our product range comprises medical devices and health monitors, which are backed by pioneering technology. Doctors, health professionals, and home users alike trust them.

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