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Dr Trust USA Compressor Plus Nebulizer 405

In The Box: Nebulizer + 5 Air Filters +  Air Tube + Medicine Chamber + Adult face size & Pediatric Mask + Mouth Piece 

Made with RespiRight, proven technology from the USA, this device facilitates adequate and complete inhalation. 

Its 8-ml chamber with the flow adjuster allows users to adjust the level of nebulization ranging between 0.5 -5 ml/min. The users can adjust airflow through the flow adjuster comfortably to make inhalation easy.


Say goodbye to bulky, large & noisy nebulizer machines! The Dr Trust Bestest Plus Nebulizer has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry around. It produces a sound of less than 55 dB and comfortable for usage.


This device comes with a mouthpiece and two sizes’ masks (kid and adult) to make inhalation easier for the entire family. The masks fit well to different facial contours.


The nebulizer for easy inhalation. Integrated with a storage chamber, you can carry mouthpieces and other accessories for safe and on the move use.  


Along with the main unit of the Compressor Nebulizer, the product package includes five air filters for future use, adult and child masks, a mouthpiece, a medicine chamber, air tube.  

Dr Trust - Trusted by Doctors, made for everyone

Dr Trust team is driven by the passion for innovation and it is our endeavor to serve the wellness and good health through our latest inventions. Our product range comprises of CE and FDA-approved devices and health monitors, which are backed by pioneering technology. 

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