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Cancer Prevention Tips: 10 Must-Do Actions to Safeguard Yourself

Cancer Prevention Tips: 10 Must-Do Actions to Safeguard Yourself

According to LANCET In 2019, India had around 12 lakh new cancer cases and 9.3 lakh deaths, making it the second-highest contributor to cancer-related issues in Asia.

The study highlights that India, along with China and Japan, faces a significant public health challenge due to cancer, with a total of 94 lakh new cases and 56 lakh deaths in 2019.
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The number of cancer patients is increasing globally, and lack of awareness is considered a key contributing factor to this trend. Many individuals may not recognize early signs and symptoms of cancer or may delay seeking medical attention due to lack of awareness. As a result, cancer is often diagnosed at later stages when it is more challenging to treat effectively. So awareness about cancer prevention, early detection, treatment options, and knowledge about available support services is essential for addressing the rising burden of cancer. Many lifestyle-related factors can also help to prevent this life-threatening disease. 

Simple Tips to Prevent Life-Threatening Cancer with a Wholesome Lifestyle

Tip 1: Regular Health Checkups:

Action: Visit the doctor regularly for checkups and tests.

Benefits: Finding issues early helps with better cancer treatment.

Tip 2: Healthy Diet: 

Action: Eat a mix of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

Benefits: Keeps you healthy and lowers the chance of cancer.

Note: Eat a balanced diet, as too much of anything can cause health problems. Use kitchen scales to ensure you're getting the right amounts of food. 

Tip 3: Maintaining Right Weight: 

Action: Keep your weight in a healthy range through balanced eating and regular exercise.

Benefits: Reduces the risk of cancer, as maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for overall well-being and prevention.

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Tip 4: Use of Health Monitoring Devices:

Action: Use devices to check health and food.

Benefits: Helps track health and promotes a balanced diet.

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Tip 5: Sun Protection:

Action: Use sunscreen and wear protective clothes in the sun.

Benefits: Guards against skin cancer from the sun. 

Tip 6: Tobacco Avoidance:

Action: Quit smoking and stay away from smoking.

Benefits: Stops major cancer causes, leading to a healthier life.

Tip 7: Limit Alcohol Consumption:

Action: Drink moderately or avoid alcohol.

Benefits: Reduces the risk of certain cancers.

Tip 8: Manage Stress:

Action: Relax with techniques like meditation.

Benefits: Keeps you well and may lower cancer risk.

Tip 9: Vaccinations:

Action: Get vaccinated on time.

Benefits: Prevents infections linked to some cancers.

Tip 10: Awareness and Education:

Action: Learn about cancer risks and symptoms.

Benefits: Knowledge empowers better lifestyle choices and prompts medical attention.

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Cancer Related FAQs

How can you reduce the risk of getting cancer? 

Lower your cancer risk with healthy choices: maintain a healthy weight, steer clear of tobacco, limit alcohol, and protect your skin. These actions contribute to overall well-being and significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

What kills cancer cells in the body?

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) are cells that identify and eliminate cancer cells. Activated in lymph nodes, they travel through the bloodstream to target tumors. Tumor environments pose challenges for CTLs despite their cancer-fighting abilities.

How do you detect early cancer? 

Explore various screening tests like alpha-fetoprotein, breast MRI, CA-125, clinical breast exams, multi-cancer detection tests, PSA, skin exams, and transvaginal ultrasound to detect and prevent potential health issues. Regular screenings are essential for overall well-being.

What are the 11 cancer-causing foods?

Processed, overcooked, and fried foods may heighten the risk of certain cancers due to potential carcinogens. Alcohol, when metabolized, produces carcinogens. Choosing healthier cooking methods and moderating alcohol intake can contribute to cancer prevention.

What are 6 foods that prevent cancer?

Eating specific foods like apples, berries, cruciferous vegetables, carrots, and fatty fish can supply essential nutrients, potentially reducing the risk of cancer. Including these in your diet supports overall well-being.

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