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Trumom USA All Natural Anti-bacterial Baby Wipes (Pack of 3/80x3 wipes)

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In The Box: Baby Wipes 

Enriched with Natural Elements

These Trumom baby wipes are made from plant ingredients such as ever pro LCG (from Corn), GLDA (from Soybean), Citric Acid, natural Vitamin E, natural Aloe Vera, and natural Coconut Oil. These ingredients nourish and protect your baby’s skin from unwanted rashes, and more.

No Harmful Chemicals

Free of phthalates, sulphates, or any other synthetic or harmful ingredients, these wipes ensure that your child doesn’t have allergic reactions or other skin related problems.

No Added Fragrance

As some added fragrances can cause skin irritation, these baby wipes don’t make use of them. But, they make use of natural extracts that leave behind a mild fragrance and remove any foul smell.

pH Balanced

Enriched with Vitamin E and pH balanced, these baby wipes are gentle enough to be used on your little one’s hands.

Hygienic and Effective

You can use these wipes to properly clean your baby’s sensitive areas. They contain an effective antibacterial liquid that makes sure that you get to hygienically clean your child.

Attractive and Handy Packaging

These baby wipes come in an attractive and handy pack that is easy to carry around (as it can easily fit into your handbag). The packaging comes with a sticky label that you can use to open and close it. This useful feature helps keep the wipes moist and fresh and also helps you easily pull out a wipe when the need arises.

Trumom baby wipes are here to help you gently wipe your baby’s skin - while nourishing it at the same time. These wipes are made from plant extracts that protect your little angel’s skin from rashes and allergic reactions - as they don’t contain dyes, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. With these wipes, your little one’s days will be filled with joyful laughter and merry.


Trumom Baby Wipes with Natural Ingredients


These wipes are made from plant extracts including ever pro LCG (from Corn), GLDA (from Soybean), Citric Acid (from Lemon), Natural Vitamin E, Natural Aloevera and Natural Coconut oil. They all are good to your little one’s skin and helps to protect from unwanted rashes or allergic reaction etc.


No health or skin hazards associated with these wipes, as they do not contain dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulphates or any other synthetic or harmful ingredient, which can cause allergic reaction or any other skin related problem.


These soft baby wipes are highly moisturizing with no added fragrance, which can be an irritant to some babies’ skin. Although natural extracts give a mild fragrance with keeping away any foul smell.


These wipes prevents any serious allergic reaction on the most sensitive little bums. They are pH balanced and enriched with vitamin E which make them gentle enough for using on your little’s hands or face.


With Trumom’s baby wipes, pee and poop cleanup is extremely easy. These wipes are durable but flexible for use on your baby’s sensitive areas. They contain an effective antibacterial liquid to make sure that all the mess cleaned appropriately down-under with maintaining the hygiene of your hands.


The Trumom Wipes’ pack is beautifully designed and handy to carry around. It has a resealable sticky label that helps you to keep the baby wipes fresh and moist without hassle. Just open the label to pull out a wipe and when not in use, keep the sticky label back to maintain moisture in the remaining wipes. It also fits easily into your handbag and your baby’s diaper bag.

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