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Pickup & Deliveries are Impacted Due to Night Curfew & Lockdown in Several States & Union Territories Across the Country
Deliveries are Impacted Due to Night Curfew & Lockdown in Several States

Goldstandard USA Barcode Scanner 3005


In The Box: Bar Code Scanner


The scanner is based on 1D (1 Dimension) barcode technology and has widespread applications in most of businesses. It scans linear variable-width lines from the products and encodes authenticity information.


Making billing easier & quicker! With high precision it encodes information quickly straight from the product code and with the right pricing. It supports barcodes including UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, and many more.


Efficiently scans the wrinkled, scratched, damaged & other low-quality barcodes. Scans barcodes on glass/plastic & curved/reflective surfaces in bright sunlight & dark environment.


Use it comfortably for hours! The gun type ABS plastic design is sturdy and easy to grip single-handedly and perfect for quick scanning within a range of 5-25 inches. It is IP54 rated for protecting against water & dust.


This barcode scanner with IP54 waterproof rating is compatible to Mac, Linux, Windows and other common software. It is a superb performer as it can scan 300 times/second.


Usage of the scanner is very easy with a 2m standard cable. Just plug in the USB wire and start scanning with a manual trigger. It throws red colored LED lights on bar code to scan information.


With strong decoding ability, this barcode scanner is a perfect choice for usage at the supermarket, warehouse, library & bookstore, inventory tracking and point of sales etc.  

If you have a small business or running an SME, the Gold Standard 1D Laser Barcode Scanner 3005 will be going to make your day to day working life a lot easier with easy billing. This is 1D code scanner and supports USB 2.0 interface. Its accuracy level is just amazing, and you will feel more relaxed with fast and convenient scanning. The ABS ergonomic design is strong, sturdy, and unbreakable even after a hard fall. It is an excellent performer as can be gripped for long hours comfortably. It can do high precision scanning with no errors.  Just plugin and start scanning with different operating systems. The scanner is packed with a lot of features. It can scan 300 codes every minute. Breakage of product, water damage, and wear and tear excluded from the warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defects in products. Customers need to send products to our service center for repair under warranty.


  • 1-dimension barcode scanner
  • Heavy duty with high scan speed (300 scans/seconds).
  • USB supportive with operating systems including Windows and Linux.
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Manual & automatic scanning available.
  • 2-meter-long, durable and sturdy cord.
  • Perfect for rough usage.
  • Compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Easy to operate




The Gold Standard 1D Laser Barcode Scanner 3005 features a laser diode which is very effective in scanning from different angles effortlessly. It illuminates, scans, and decodes information efficiently. Top applications include retail operations and small-scale industries for making billing operations easy.


Our scanner is based on 1D (1 Dimension) barcode technology with the compatibility of a long list of barcodes to make it usable in most of the business’ widespread applications. It supports all types of 1-D code scanning including EAN, UPC-A, E, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC stands, and more.


Our bar code scanner helps in maintaining accurate inventory and business assets. It ensures high performance and accurate scanning every time. It can scan information even if the barcode printing is poor.  It throws red colored LED lights on the bar code and scan its pricing and related information.



The barcode scanner precision is high. It is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows and other common software. It is a superb performer as its decoding or scanning speed is 300 times/second.


Usage of the scanner is very easy even for a novice. It has a 2-meter-long durable and sturdy cord which makes operations easier. Just plug in the USB wire and start scanning using one hand. While the history of past 99 scans can also be checked whenever needed.


It has an extremely well-built and top-notch design. The handheld barcode scanner is very easy to operate as it has an anti-drop grip for easy operation and safety. It is designed using top quality ABS material and IP54 rated for protection against dust and water.


The Gold Standard is engaged in the manufacturing of premium quality modern machines, devices that are necessary for an efficient office set up and modern home. We have designed all our products to help you work smart, increase your efficiency and productivity. Our machines are widely acclaimed for their strength, easy functionality, precision, and easy maintenance.