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Dr Trust Zen Recharge Personal Scale 503 - Get Started

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Getting Started

Please watch easy demonstration and set up video

Text - Dr Trust USA Zen Rechargeable Digital Personal Scale


1. High precision strain gauge sensor

2. Max Capacity: 180kg/396lbs

3. Division:0.05kg/0.11lb

4. Unit: kg/lb/St

5. Auto on & Auto off

6. Low power & Overload indication

7.450mAH rechargeable battery

POWER SUPPLY Battery: 500mAH rechargeable battery



Step 1: Place scale on a hard flat surface. (Avoid on carpet & uneven flooring)

Step 2: Step onto the platform, once the weight is stabilized, it will be locked on the display and remain still until weight appears.

Step 3: The scale will automatically turns off after 10 seconds of non-use.

Note: Please ignore the first time weight after installing the batteries. As it will Consider the weight of scale itself.

ERROR CODES (Overload and Low power indication) 1. LO--When the LCD indicates “Lo”, Please charge the scale with Android type USB cable.

2. Err--Maximum capacity exceeded. When the scale is overloaded (Over 180kg/396lbs) "Err" will appear on the screen.


1. Please use the scale on a hard & flat surface to ensure the greatest accuracy and the service life.

2. Clean the scale with a wet cloth, but do not allow water to seep into the unit and scale body.

3. Do not stack anything on the scale during non use.

4. Never use abrasive cleansers or chemical solvents

5. Always keep the scale in horizontal position.

6. Do not Strike, shock or drop the scale

7. Do not put in a wet or hot environment.

8. If the scale do not work, please check the battery capacity and ensure the battery situation is available for the scale to work on.

9. For family use only and should not be used commercially for any reason at all.

10. Do not open the rear cover.

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