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Dr Trust Aneroid BP 112 - Get Started

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Getting Started

Please watch easy demonstration and set up video


  • Sit quietly for 5 minutes before the test begins.
  • Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor and your arm at about heart level with a support to the elbow.
  • Don't smoke or drink a caffeinated beverage before the 30 minutes of the test.
  • Place the cuff on bare skin, not over a shirt.
  • Don't talk during the measurement.
  • Must check your blood pressure measured twice, with a brief break  in between. If there is diffrence of 5 points or more, do it again for a 3rd
  • Blood pressure varies throughout the day, so for the confirmation of hypertension measure your blood pressure at least two times a day.


  • As per a study published in The American Journal of Medicine (in 2014), people found average arm- to-arm differences in systolic blood pressure of about 5 points. The higher number should be used to make treatment decisions. So, it is always good to measure blood pressure from both arms at least once because the reading in one arm (usually the right) may be higher than that in the left.
  • Also, refer the user manual for detail information about how to use this device accurately.

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