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Dr Trust USA Digital BPM A One Galaxy 106 - Get Started

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Getting Started

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Text - Dr Trust USA Galaxy Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


MDI Technology

The Dr Trust Galaxy MDI comes with the Measurement During Inflation (MDI), a unique and innovative technology that allows BP measurement during the inflation of the cuff. The technology makes BP monitoring a less painful process with less pressure on arm.

Quick Results

It analyzes pulses, records all necessary signals during the inflation of the cuff, and immediately displays results on the monitor.

The Choice of Power Supply

This is a compact and portable BP monitor which can be powered through Micro USB or 4 AA batteries. Power this device from laptop or any other compatible power source with an adaptor.It also works with 4 AA batteries and switch-off automatically by switching to energy-saving mode.

The Pulse Arrhythmia Indicator

The Pulse Arrhythmia indicator warns you if certain pulse irregularities are noticed during the measurement. If this indicator appears on a regular basis, it means the abnormal functions followed by your heart and you need doctor advice.

Large LCD Display with Patented Zebra Lights

Our BP monitor evaluates BP according to the WHO guidelines. It features a fully automatic Zebra lights display, which displays systolic BP, diastolic BP and pulse rate readings every time.

Conical Cuff 

With the universal conical cuff for arm circumference of 22-42 cm the device provides accurate results.


The device provides and keeps data of 120 usages for two users in memory thereby relieves the users from the hassle of manually recording their measurements.

Recording Time

It incorporates an integrated clock with date display that stores blood-pressure values with the moment of the measurement.

Error Messages

An error code displays, if any error occurs during a measurement.

Auto Power off

Its other advanced features like auto power off and low battery indication also work through a push of a button.



a)Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust or direct sunlight.

b)The cuff contains a sensitive air-tight bubble. Handle it carefully and avoid all types of straining through twisting or buckling.

c)Clean the device with a soft and a dry cloth. Do not use petrol, thinners or similar other solvents. Spots on the cuff can be removed carefully with a damp cloth and soapsuds. The cuff must not be washed!

d)Do not drop the instrument or treat it roughly in any way.

e)Never open the device! Otherwise the manufacturer calibration becomes invalid!


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