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Dr Trust USA Orthopedic Electric Heat Belt for Back Pain Relief I Lower Back Heating Pad with Temperature Control for Abdominal/Stomach Pain I Period Cramps I Lumbar, Shoulder & Knee Pain Management- 368

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In The Box: Electric Heat Belt

Warranty: The Product comes with 1 Year standard warranty.

Fast Pain Relief

The Dr Trust Orthopaedic heat belt is your trusted companion for quick and effective pain relief. Our heat belt is designed to target various types of discomfort and body pain.  It can provide rapid relief from back pain, muscle stiffness, herniated discs, sciatica, joint pain, and cramps. Moreover, as a versatile orthopedic hot belt for various needs, it caters to your pain relief requirements with precision and care.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

This electric heat pad features three temperature settings, allowing you to customize your pain relief experience. Whether you prefer a gentle, soothing warmth or a higher-intensity warmth for quick relief, this orthopedic heat belt caters to your individual needs. Also, the versatility of the temperature control (3 levels) ensures that you get the perfect level of comfort and relief.

Safe & Soft Feel

Built-in 3 layers of insulation + 1 fabric pouch to ensure safety during usage. The built-in intelligent system prevents overheating during continuous running when the temperature of the electric heat belt is kept at a high level. Premium quality polyester fabric provides a soft and comfortable feel with excellent heat delivery for maximum relief.

Compression for Muscle Stiffness

In addition to warm relief, our heat belt offers compression, which plays a crucial role in relieving muscle stiffness. The combination of heat and compression helps relax tense muscles, promote blood circulation, and reduce pain. You can now enjoy a soothing warm experience in the comfort of your own home with this premium quality electric warm pad.

Easy to Maintain

The machine-washable cover of the electric heating belt ensures that you can keep it clean and fresh with minimal effort. This convenience adds to the hygiene and longevity of the orthopedic heat belt, making it a practical choice for daily use. Simply remove the cover, toss in the washing machine, and enjoy a clean heat relief every time.

User-Friendly Design

With a user-friendly 1-button controller and a 2.45-meter power cord, this orthopedic heating belt is incredibly easy to use. The simple temperature controller interface allows you to adjust settings effortlessly, while the generous power cord length ensures that you can use it comfortably in various settings.

Say hello to quick and hassle-free pain relief with Dr Trust USA Orthopaedic electric heat belt designed to alleviate discomfort, helping you get back to your daily activities with ease. This innovative electric heating belt for the waist is designed to provide you with quick relief from a variety of discomforts, including muscle stiffness, back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, joint pain, and cramps.  What sets this electric heating belt apart is its combination of heat and compression. The compression feature quickly relieves muscle stiffness, facilitating relaxation, improving blood circulation, and reducing pain. Quick heating starts in 10-20 seconds and spreads through to the tissues, muscles, joints, etc. It increases blood circulation and is a completely safe and effective solution for back pain and stiff joints that build up in your body daily. Temperature level can be adjusted to -Low, medium, and high as per requirements. Our warm pad electric is an ideal choice for faster heating and muscle relaxation. Its cover is made with soft, durable, and comfortable polyester fabric, which delivers enhanced heat and comfort during usage. It is removable and washable for easy care and maintenance.

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Moreover, with its adjustable temperature settings, easy maintenance, and user-friendly design, it offers a convenient and effective solution for muscle stiffness, back pain, and various other discomforts. Experience the comfort and relief you deserve with this exceptional orthopaedic heat belt.