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Health Monitoring Devices: Why They Are Important and How They Will Help You - drtrust

Health Monitoring Devices: Why They Are Important and How They Will Help You

Regular health monitoring devices play a very important role in care of a patient. They do recording of vital sign to clarify a patient’s real condition.  

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”

Alex was a chronic sufferer of heart disease. One day he was taken to hospital with complaint of breathing difficulty. He was admitted in the hospital to provide technical treatment and care for stabilizing his condition. He was under regular monitoring using a small BP machine and finger probe. Everything was normal but next day morning nurse noticed that he was not able to breathe properly as this getting more laboured. Nurse started monitoring his BP and blood oxygen saturation by using technological setup of hospital. When doctor came, she shared the monitoring data with him for analysis. On the basis of collected data, doctor prescribed medicine and further treatment to Alex. As nurse was monitoring Alex’s vitals like heartbeats, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, doctor was utilizing it for making essential changes in medicines and treatment of Alex for fast recovery. Within one week, Alex’s condition start improving and soon he got a discharge from the hospital. Doctor prescribed medicines and regular monitoring of health vitals for keeping a record or preventing any serious condition in the future. Doctor advised Alex’s to buy a BP monitor for regular monitoring at home and told to share monitoring record with him weekly.

What is Regular Monitoring?

Keeping your body in good health is a difficult task. No one can be in good health for long if he/she does not care about core vital signs of good health.  Eating healthy and exercising are not only essentials that help in maintaining health and well being but, regular health monitoring is also associated with it. Continuous monitoring helps patients and doctors react appropriately. Constant monitoring means keeping record of blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature, pulse oximetry, heart rate and respiratory rate etc. This record assists doctors to know about the real condition of his patient’s and identifying alarming signs. This works for everyone with chronic health conditions, routine health checkups and even just following a healthy lifestyle. It means, regular monitoring is very important but it is challenging if you prefer to go to the hospitals because;

  • There is always overcrowding in hospitals
  • Lack of doctors
  • Huge number of patients with complicated conditions
  • Unavailability of monitoring devices

Key Benefits of Regular Monitoring

According to Michael J. Fox, “Medical science has proven time and again that when resources are provided, great progress in the treatment, cure, and prevention of disease can occur.  Continuous monitoring is beneficial for patients who are under intensive care in the hospitals. It is associated with the stay of a patient in the hospital as it leads to earlier detection of real health issues and helps doctor in effective treatment.  Traditionally, you needed to go to a hospital to see a doctor for health checkups, which was a time and money consuming task. However, with the technological advent, all this has changed significantly.  Nowadays remote health monitoring is helping patients in recording their health vitals in non-clinical set-ups or on the go. Easy to use devices can be operated in home with no technological knowledge to prevent multiple illnesses. Decreased cost, less hassle, improved experience and better results are key benefits of regular home monitoring. These devices;

  • Reduce hospitalization related cost, time and efforts
  • Reduce time needed for taking appointment
  • Detect serious illness early for quick treatment
  • Rapid diagnose that helps to reach at logical conclusion
  • Better adherence to prescribed medications

If you think you have no time for going to your doctor or clinic for regular health checkup, you can buy a regular health monitoring system to use at home. Click here to know more about our world class BPs, Fitness Tracker, Glucometers, weight scales ECG machines and lots more. Moreover, portable monitoring devices can change your life as they allow you to conduct a basic testing at home. These devices record, store and analyze data through sensors and software. Regular use of these devices leads to better outcome as they provide assistance through data storage, alarms, reminders, and easy sharing of data with the doctor.

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