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Real-time ECG: A Heart centric Revolution

Real-time ECG: A Heart centric Revolution

Modernization and unhealthy eating habits have immensely increased the risk parameters for heart-related diseases. An estimated 32% of death occur globally due to cardiovascular diseases. In the United States, one individual dies every 36 sec due to heart disease.1 Eating a healthy diet, good for the heart, maintaining an ideal weight, and managing mental stress are not adequate to prevent heart ailments. It is equally important to keep a regular check and screen our cardiovascular system. 


Most heart-associated procedures are conducted under the surveillance of health practitioners in hospitals except for ECG, for which telemedicine solutions are already existing in the market and empower the patient to look after his cardiovascular status on his own. We just need to upgrade our health literacy regarding these smart portable, wireless, economic ECG devices presently available in market and make the most out of them for early diagnosis of any irregularity heart is experiencing while sitting anywhere and further prevent any life-threatening situation. You can now regulate your heart status effortlessly in your smart phones with DrTrust360 app from anywhere with Dr Trust USA Portable Bluetooth ECG EKG Electrocardiogram Test Machine 1201.


Reasons to switch to early real-time ECG:


  • If you are experiencing prominent pulsation, dizziness, shortness of breath, and even minor chest pain frequently, you are vulnerable to heart stroke. It’s better to get it diagnosed at home promptly for timely therapy.

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  • If you are suffering from Cardiac Arrhythmia: condition of irregular heartbeat. A normal heart beats 60-100 beats per min. Any irregularity in heartbeats needs to be verified with ECG. Arrhythmia during pregnancy can be of huge risk to the fetus. Therefore, its early intervention with ECG may reduce the risk to the fetus.

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  • If you are a part of any high-risk Profession or Sports activities. You need to track your heart on regular basis for its normal functioning.
  • If you are under any drug trial, you cannot be risking your heart for its effectiveness.
  • If you are a cardiac patient and have undergone or planning to have surgery, you need to have track of your heart status through ECG.
  • Diabetes is likely to be followed by heart conditions,so early intervention with ECG can ease its medical care.

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  • In a recent study, ECG is highly recommended during pregnancy to determine cardiovascular modifications during pregnancy.2 
  • Also, it is evident from current research that people with normal body mass index (BMI 18.5–25 kg/m2)are also vulnerable to showing abnormal ECG parameters.3 Consequently, a healthy young individual is at parallel risk as an obese.

Regardless, it is advisable to keep BMI within normal range.Now keep a track of your BMI on your smartphones with Dr Trust's wide range of smart scales.

  • If there is an Electrolytic imbalancein your body, it can enhance the probability of arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).4


Why settle on Dr Trust’s Portable Bluetooth ECG EKG Electrocardiogram Test Machine 1201 over the conventional 12 leads ECG machine used in diagnostics centers?


The conventional 12 leads ECG machine is quite a task as it needs skin preparation liquid, skin adhesive, ECG paper, appropriate placement of leads, and cardiac monitor. Usually, it is performed by the technicians in the clinics or hospitals and interpreted by cardiologists. But sometimes, the person performing ECG might not be qualified or he may be inexperienced to conduct it properly. So there is a high possibility of misdiagnosis due to the accidental misplacement of ECG leads. In that case, the results you are getting might not be accurate. Wherefore, the accurate interpretations of a serious heart condition may be left undiagnosed also, we can’t be risking a life for a misdiagnosis. Besides, for diagnosis, we have to pay a certain amount each time and get doctor’s appointment to interpret results. Above all, for patients who have abnormal heart history but are allergic to the adhesive used in binding leads in the conventional ECG procedure, Dr Trust’s Portable Bluetooth ECG EKG Electrocardiogram Test Machine is a savior tool. It is by far the simplest, portable, user-friendly, economic device designed to record a maximum of 500 measurements which is the highest recorded for a leadless ECG device.


Factors that may vary ECG results:

  • Physical cardiovascular changes during pregnancy may modify ECG results.
  • Journal of Human Hypertension reports that Obesity remarkably reduces sensitivity toward ECG parameters.5 With that perspective, obese are even more exposed to heart conditions.
  • According to a current study, mobile devices also influence ECG results since the waves generated from mobile phones add to ECG waves, fluctuating results. So it’s better to keep the phone aside while performing ECG.6
  • Abdominal inflation and intestinal dilation may also vary ECG results.
  • Any sort of physical activity before the test may also vary ECG results. So it's better to keep the heart pace normal before taking the test.
  • Certain medications may also vary ECG results.
  • The electrolytic imbalance (imbalanced levels of sodium, magnesium, and potassium) in blood also exerts an influence on ECG results.


Quick Interpretation of Electrocardiogram (ECG) wave with Dr Trust’s Portable Bluetooth ECG EKG Electrocardiogram Test Machine 1201

A normally functional cardiac conduction system conducts blood to the entire body in a systematic manner so the ECG display shows a specific pattern of 3 recognizable waves: P wave, QRS wave, T wave, and QRS complex, and ST-segment. Any abnormality in the normal wave pattern can be the indication of any blockage in any of the arteries supplying blood to the body parts. This abnormality increases with age. Therefore, acute ST-elevation Myocardial infarction (STEMI heart attack), a type of deadly heart attack condition can be foreseen pre-hospitalization with real-time ECG monitoring.7



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