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Nureca Limited and Flagship Brand Dr Trust Honored with the Most Innovative Companies of India 2023 Award in the Indian Healthcare Category PNG

Nureca Limited's Dr Trust Brand Honoured With the Most Innovative Companies of India 2023 Award in the Indian Healthcare Category


Receiving the 'Most Innovative Companies of India 2023' award is a significant milestone for Nureca Limited and we all are glad for this prestigious recognition. It reaffirms our commitment to the innovative solutions we are developing in the home healthcare and monitoring segment, which are truly revolutionizing the Indian healthcare landscape. We remain dedicated to our mission of making quality healthcare accessible to all.


Nureca Limited, a pioneering name in the healthcare and wellness industry, is thrilled to announce that it has been conferred with the prestigious "Most Innovative Companies of India 2023" award in The Indian Healthcare category. This recognition, received alongside its flagship brand, Dr Trust, celebrates Nureca Limited's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing home healthcare through innovation. 


Nureca Limited is a leading healthcare and wellness solutions provider with a vision to make innovative healthcare products accessible to every Indian. Through its flagship brand, Dr Trust, Nureca is transforming the healthcare sector by offering cutting-edge health monitoring devices and solutions.


Today, the Dr Trust brand has become synonymous with trust and innovation in the healthcare segment. Our product portfolio boasts a wide array of cutting-edge health monitoring devices including blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, weighing scales, ECG pen, and more ensuring accuracy and convenience for individuals managing their health from the comfort of their homes.


About Nureca Limited

About Nureca Limited


Nureca Ltd is a dynamic and diversified healthcare and wellness solutions company that caters to the unique needs of various market segments through its flagship brands: Dr Trust, Dr Physio, and Trumom. Each brand is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services that resonate with distinct consumer demands.


Dr Trust stands as a leader in the health monitoring device market, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art products, including blood pressure monitors, glucometers, weighing scales, and pulse oximeters. Dr Trust's commitment to quality and accuracy is evident through its USFDA certification, providing consumers with the assurance of reliable and trustworthy health data with every use.


Dr Trust Clinically approved and USFDA & CE Certified products PNG



Dr Physio transforms the concept of relaxation and self-care by providing a wide array of electric massagers. These products enable users to enjoy professional-level massage sessions from the comfort of their own homes.  While Trumom is dedicated to simplifying the journey of parenting and nurturing, making it a more delightful experience. With an extensive range of products, Trumom addresses the specific needs of both mothers and children, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience.



Dr Physio Full body Massagers, Electric Massagers, Cordless Rechargeable Massagers



Moreover, Nureca Ltd's commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare and wellness shines through these flagship brands. With a comprehensive portfolio of products designed for different life stages and health requirements, Nureca continues to make a positive impact on the well-being of consumers across diverse market segments.


The Most Innovative Companies of India 2023–24 Award


Marksmen Daily presented the Most Innovative Companies of India 2023 – 24 an exclusive event that is celebrated to applaud organizations or companies that have been pushing boundaries, inspiring change, and redefining industries. The Indian Healthcare Awards is an industry-centric award focusing on recognizing and empowering leaders in the healthcare sector through various formats, including roundtables, summits and conferences, workshops, and recognition ceremonies.


For more information about Dr Trust's innovative healthcare products, keep on visiting our home page.


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