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COVID-19 : Is It Safe to Exercise with Covid Symptoms; Know What to Do and What Not to Do

COVID-19 : Is It Safe to Exercise with Covid Symptoms; Know What to Do and What Not to Do

Regular exercising can protect you from severe health issues. It helps you in managing weight, blood sugar level, and risks related to cardiovascular health. It has an extremely positive impact on anxiety and depression as it promotes the wellbeing of our mental health. It is also considered as a key factor when it comes to reducing the health risks related to COVID-19. As COVID cases continue to grow, World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that following 75 minutes of vigorous-strength physical activity and 150 minutes of moderate-intensity, or a blend of both in a week is ideal. According to the AFP agency report, lack of exercise among covid patients is directly linked to severe symptoms and a higher risk of death. As per the data collected by the agency, people who were physically inactive for at least 2 years before they were infected with COVID -19, were more likely to be admitted in the hospitals for treatment and undeniably have a higher death rate.  The report recommends that sticking to your regular exercising regime can decrease the overall COVID-19 health risks.

COVID-19 Has Made It Harder for People to Stay Physically Active

But the reality is that Covid-19 is making it difficult for people to stay physically active as full or partial lockdown is implemented in many countries around the world. The government is also encouraging everyone to stay at home for their own safety. Opportunities for performing physical activities or outdoor exercises have lessened since the lockdown now restricts regular access to gyms, parks, fitness facilities, etc. It has made the situation more challenging for those who were going to gyms or fitness centers regularly for workouts.  However, it is very important to be physically active even while staying at home. What kind of physical activity can one do when gyms are closed? Here are some tips that can be followed to make optimum use of your time at home:

  • Spend more time playing with children indoors
  • Take up domestic chores such as cleaning and gardening to stay active at home
  • Walking around can help you stay calm and active. You can also take a walk in and around your building society instead of sitting idle at home
  • Join online exercise classes as you can then perform exercises under the guidance of experts within your limitations
  • Yoga and meditation can help you remain cool and calm during these depressing times
  • Deep breathing exercise is also one of the most effective relaxation techniques
  • Use stairs more frequently as it is an efficient strength-training activity

Easiest Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Regime at Home

Missing the gym? How to work out in a limited space during your self-quarantine? Whether you are at home or following social distancing, it is always possible to be physically active without going to the gym. You can try using a dining chair or stool for push-ups and triceps dips. Push-ups against the wall, the kitchen counter, and the coffee table can also be effective. Muscle-strengthening exercises such as weightlifting can be done easily by using water bottles or other household items. You can also do sets of sit-ups and squats etc. easily at home.

Choose the Best At-Home Workout Partner During Corona Crisis

Whatever maybe the circumstances, we always have plenty of opportunities to remain physically active with our daily routine. Set some concrete goals and invest in relevant fitness equipments and trackers available in the market to make the most of your home workout. If you have some space in your house, designate it to a ‘home workout space’ and consider keeping some equipment handy. For the best at-home workout partners online in India, you can check out Dr Trust, India’s leading online platform offering a plethora of healthcare products. You can consider trying Dr Trust’s fitness tracker that works with a smartphone app to maintain a record of your progress hassle-free. Maintaining a record of your progress gives you a good sense of accomplishment of your goals and encourages you to keep going for achieving your final fitness goals. You can also check out Dr Trust Ab Wheel Roller which has everything that anyone is looking to maintain their abs. It is the best at-home workout equipment that increases strength and maintains body shape. It allows you to work the whole body while helping in developing core stability. The handles come with good grips that allow you to hold and control the wheel easily. As the highest performer, this ab roller helps you in maintaining balance while you are exercising.

Essential Exercising Guidelines for COVID +ve Patient

Physical activity is a very important factor in a healthy lifestyle. Yet despite multi-benefits, you need to skip your exercising routine if you are (God forbid) tested positive for coronavirus. A study published in JAMA Cardiology says, exercising while suffering from COVID-19 can worsen the symptoms of the disease. It can also lead to complications such as myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle.  Therefore, when the viral load in the heart becomes excess, it can cause damage to the heart. So, it is advisable to begin physical activity post-illness after recovering from covid-19. You should only start exercising after consultation with your doctor. It is recommended to listen to your body first and always start with light-intensity exercises that do not strain your heart too much.

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