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10 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Blue Tea

10 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Blue Tea

Do you feel bloated or uneasy after your regular cup of tea or have you had too much green tea that you are bored of it and want to try something new? 

Well, you should try the electric blue color tea and change your dependency on regular tea.

The fragrant blue-colored tea is not only pleasing to the eyes but also complements a bit of oomph factor to wake you up to start the day full of energy.


Blue tea also called "butterfly pea" or "blue pea tea" is unique tea that has popped up on social media recently. However, it has been around us for ages. 

It is extracted from the Clitoria ternatea plant that has been acknowledged for multiple health benefits. It is herbal and caffeine-free tea packed with many health-boosting antioxidants. 1


Checkout these extra-ordinary Health Benefits of Blue tea:

 1. Boosts Heart Health

 Blue tea is good for your heart and soul! It promotes heart health by improving cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Studies have shown that blue tea is loaded with fortifying bioflavonoid compounds which provide protective antioxidants and are good for heart health.

 It protects your heart from hyperlipidemia and curbs the risk of a heart attack because of blood clotting and blockage. 

2. Anti-diabetic 

A current study reported the anti-diabetic property of blue tea. It regulates the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream and is effective for keeping blood sugar at a low level. Taking a cup of blue tea along with your meals and regular medications helps to lower the sugar level. 3

3. Good for Brain Health & Memory 

Regular intake of blue tea can improve thinking abilities and other brain-related issues. It boosts the level of a chemical called acetylcholine in your brain.

Acetylcholine is also helpful for preventing age-associated memory loss and mind-related issues. 

4. Improves Hair & Skin

Butterfly Pea leaves are rich in antioxidants which work amazingly for hair and skin.

Antioxidants can efficiently promote hair growth and improve hair density. 4

Blue tea is also effective to slow down the process of skin aging, preventing premature aging and improving overall skin tone.

Also include DrTrust Biotin and DrTrust Antoxit in your hair care regimen  for voluminous and strong hair.

5. Obesity Prevention

Blue tea is now an integral part of diet plans due to its effectiveness in managing weight. 

A study reports that it can inhibit the formation of fat cells and the deposition of lipid.5

It also prevents fatty liver that can lead to fat gain in the abdomen. 

6. Anti-inflammatory 

Both leaves and flowers of Butterfly pea tea are high in various bioactive components like alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, glycosides, phenol, saponin, terpenoids, and tannin. 6

The regular intake of these components can help reduce body swelling and pains. 

7. Digestion & Detoxification

Another convincing reason for having a cup of blue tea is that it helps to relax the stomach muscles along with relieving indigestion, constipation, and intestinal problems.8

The leaves and flowers of Butterfly pea are reported to have anthelmintic properties that can prevent the growth of worms in the gut. 7

It also detoxifies the kidneys, and liver, and keeps other organs in healthy condition. 

8. Relaxes Your Mind

A cup of warm blue tea can release the stress of a hectic day. It relaxes your mind and acts as a natural remedy for headaches and anxiety. It blocks the effect of adenosine, a brain chemical that makes you feel tired. It triggers the release of adrenaline, a hormone associated with energy-boosting. 9

It has also been used as a memory booster for ages. You must consume a nice cup of blue tea before going to bed to ensure sound sleep. 

9. Controls Cancer Cells Growth

Various studies have reported anti-cancer properties of Butterfly pea extracts.10 

It can kill cancer cells by disturbing cell membrane integrity. It also prevents cancer cell growth by protecting the good cells from damage. It could be effective for all types of cancer.

10. Facilitates Good Digestion & Immunity

Blue tea also boosts your body's metabolism. It is rich in cyclotides that protect the body against free radicals that damage healthy cells. It flushes out toxins accumulated in your body and improves digestive health. 

How to make a perfect cup of Blue tea?

Step 1: Boil a cup of water (250 ml approx.)

Step 2: Add 3-5 butterfly pea flowers fresh or dried. Alternatively, pour 250 ml boiling water into a cup and add a blue tea bag and let it infuse.

Step 3: Cover it with a lid for 5 mins and let the flavors develop. 

Step 4: Turn off the flame, and strain it into a cup.

Step 5: Add honey or a natural sweetener of your choice to improve its flavor. You may also add a few drops of lemon juice to make it healthier.

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