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IMPORTANT: Covid 19 disruptions, please click here for more info

Dr Trust USA Handy Infrared Forehead & Ear Thermometer 607 PRO

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    • The Dr Trust handy forehead and ear thermometer- 607 is a quick way of calculating body temperature. Place the thermometer in contact with the forehead and eardrum to have the body temperature value
    • It is useful for measuring room and other objects' Temperature; Under object mode, keep the probe of the thermometer 1-5 mm away from the items like baby food or bottles and other objects
    • Track your baby’s temperature without waking; This is a soft and small size thermometer with “baby mode” that allows you to measure your baby’s temperature aged from 0-36 months easily
    • Ensures precision and best accuracy with each result; Its sensors collect it energy and convert it to accurate temperature measurement within 1 second
    • The degree conversion from °c to °for or from °for to °c is easy to do; You can choose the unit easily for measuring the body, baby food or bottles, rooms and other objects at your convenience
    • This confirms the status of temperature; Green light with 1 beep signifies normal temperature, orange light with 3 beeps signifies a light fever and red light with 5 short beeps warns for a high fever
    • Recall 35 sets of memories to track fluctuations; While to switch from un-mute to mute keep pressing the ºC/ºf button for 4 seconds when the thermometer has turned on.
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