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Pickup & Deliveries are Impacted Due to Night Curfew & Lockdown in Several States & Union Territories Across the Country
Deliveries are Impacted Due to Night Curfew & Lockdown in Several States

Goldstandard USA Laser Distance Meter 3004

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In The Box: Laser Distance Meter + Batteries + Lanyard + Pouch + User Manual


Gold Standard Laser Distance Measurement Meter -40



The digital laser distance meter does measurements up to 40 m quickly & accurately by targeting the spot with laser light. It also does a quick calculation of volume & area & displays on the large & bright white display.    


Length, area, volume measurements can be performed with an ease. Allows to do corner to corner measurements with Tilt Measurement Mode, Indirect Measurement Mode and more. It allows to add & subtract measurements.


You can perform Single Pythagorean, Double Pythagorean, Double Pythagorean (partial height) and Tilt measurements with one hand. You need a helper at the other end as you can do measurements all alone.


No chance of misreading. User friendly meter allows you switch between meters, feet, & inches with ease. It switch-off automatically after 3 mins that allows you to take about 4,000 readings per set of batteries.


History storage allows you to save last 99 measurements by pressing storage button. For using it in dark condition click illumination/Units’ button to switch ON/OFF beep sound with every measurement.  


It featured a plastic body that makes it sturdy and handy for day to day measuring tasks. The built also protects its internal components and make it safe to carry & use in hazardous environments.



Laser distance meter, 2 AAA batteries and user manual included in the package. Contractors, carpenters, electricians, DIYers and others can use it to make precise measurements for doing construction work smoothly.


There are so many things that you would like about the Gold Standard Laser Distance Measurement Meter -40.  First off, it offers high accuracy and ease as it gives you quick results for varied kind of measurements without performing any manual calculations. Real time measurements are displayed on bright, large size display backed by white backlit. Beep sound, laser dot and a display with backlight makes it suitable for using in relatively dim light or in dark conditions. You do not need to go to the other end of the measurement as only laser (that you through on the other end) light to do everything on your behalf. You can measure area, distance and volume very quickly with simple pressing of buttons selection of mode.  Breakage of product, water damage and wear and tear excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect in product. Customer need to send product to our service center for repair under warranty.

Thinks you will like;

  • Compact ergonomic design is easy to use, hold and carry.
  • Self-explanatory buttons allow easy operations.
  • Switchable measuring units betweenm, in, ft.
  • 1mm smallest unit displayed
  • Can do area, volume calculations
  • Do indirect measurement using Pythagoras
  • Indirect measurement using tilt sensor (direct horizontal distance)
  • Angle measurement using tilt sensor (± 90°)
  • Allows addition/subtraction
  • Continuous Measurement
  • Min/Max Distance Tracking
  • Timer (self-triggering)
  • Display illumination and multi-line display
  • Multifunctional endpiece
  • Tripod thread
  • Beep indication