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Dr Trust USA Silverline BP Monitor Blood Pressure Monitor

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In The Box: BP Monitor + Cuff + Batteries

Accurate & Reliable

Designed for clinically accurate home blood pressure monitoring. Please follow the instruction manual before using the unit to ensure safe use.

Large Storage Capacity

It is perfect for a family of 4 to store a history of high blood pressure and heart disease. Its large memory storage supports up to 4 users’ data. It can store and review last 120 readings in memory with date and time (30 readings each).

Extra Large Size Display

62.7 mm -46.4 mm LCD display displays the result of your readings automatically.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

Notifies you if an irregular heartbeat is detected during monitoring. Automatically power off when not in use for some time.

Compact & Easy to Use

The monitor is a compact and fully automatic BP monitoring unit. It measures BP & pulse rate with easy one-touch operation. It works on the Oscillometric principle for accurate and precise measurements.

Regular BP monitoring at home helps you in managing high blood pressure (hypertension). Dr Trust Silverline Blood Pressure Monitor is guaranteed to meet your standards. The device is a clinically validated device for checking your daily BP accurately. The device helps you keep a regular check on your BP in a familiar setting and alerts you to potential health complications. Along with Blood Pressure, it also detects irregular heartbeat to keep a better watch on your cardiovascular health.  


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