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Dr Trust USA Nebulizer Accessories Kit – 413, Universal Essential Replacement Parts Suitable For Various Nebulizers Kids Mask & Adult Masks Included

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In The Box: Nebulizer Accessories Kit

Complete Replacement Parts Kit

The Dr Trust USA Nebulizer Machine Replacement Parts Kit- 413 offers a complete set of essential accessories, including 1 set of accessories, 5 filters, 2 masks (for both adults and kids), 1 air tubing, 1 liquid cup, and 1 mouthpiece. Standard tubing is easily attachable with various nebulizers available in the market. 

Universal Compatibility

This kit provides versatility and convenience, making it an ideal choice for users with different nebulizer models. These accessories are compatible with various compressor nebulizer machines providing flexibility and ease of use. Some components are suitable to be used with portable nebulizer machines or handy nebulizer machines to use them conveniently.

Flow Adjuster for Personalized Treatment

Our nebulizer kit includes a medicine cup with a flow adjuster, allowing users to control the medication flow by simply rotating it clockwise or anti-clockwise. This customization ensures a personalized and effective nebulization experience with the prevention of any leakage of medicine during use.


Whether you're looking for replacement parts or upgrading your nebulizer accessories, the Dr Trust USA compressor Nebulizer Kit offers a user-friendly solution for respiratory care. Its comprehensive range of accessories with thoughtful features makes it the best choice for individuals and families seeking reliable inhalation therapy.

For Entire Family

To cater to the entire family's respiratory needs, the nebulizer kit includes a mouthpiece and two different-sized masks—one for adults and another specifically designed for kids.  These masks are designed to fit securely over the nose and mouth, providing a comfortable and effective nebulization for each user.

Safe Premium-quality  

Our Nebulizer Mask Set/Kit with Pipe is versatile, making it suitable for use in homes, laboratories, hospitals, and outdoor settings. Made in India using high-quality materials. The mask set is non-toxic and non-sterile, ensuring a safe and reliable respiratory solution.


Upgrade your nebulizer experience with the Dr Trust USA Nebulizer Kit Replacement Parts- 413, providing you with the convenience, flexibility, and precision needed for effective respiratory care. The comprehensive set of essential nebulizer machine accessories is designed to enhance the performance and convenience of your nebulizer system. This nebulizer mask kit includes everything you need for a seamless nebulization experience, ensuring optimal respiratory care for both adults and children. The package consists of 5 filters, 2 masks (specifically designed for adults and kids), 1 air tubing, 1 liquid cup, and 1 mouthpiece. These parts are universal and compatible with various nebulizer machines, providing flexibility and ease of use.

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The highlight of this nebulizer kit is the included medicine cup that comes with a flow adjuster, allowing you to customize the medication flow according to your specific needs. It is also designed to prevent any leakage of medicine during the nebulization process. This feature not only ensures the precise delivery of medication but also minimizes wastage. So, whether you're seeking a replacement or looking to upgrade your nebulizer accessories, this kit will meet the diverse needs of your entire family, making inhalation therapy more accessible and efficient.