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Dr Trust USA Hot Cold Pack Large Size (327)

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In The Box: Hot Cold Pack (Large Size)

Reusable Hot & Cold Pack for Pain and Natural Relief

Use it for instant therapeutic relief. Made of durable material, this is best to treat swelling, body stiffness, sore muscles, and pain, etc. Use it as a hot pack to increase blood circulation, release pain and promote healing while a cold pack uses it to relieve pain and swelling of recent injuries.  

Easy To Warm and Cool

It is the easiest way to facilitate hot and cold therapy. It is microwave safe and easy to heat. Can be kept in boiling water too. Keep one handy in your fridge for any time use. Use it with a cloth cover/wrap to avoid direct skin touch for soothing relief from hot and cold therapy.

Leak-proof +Superior Durability

Non-toxic, durability, burst, and puncture-resistant qualities set it apart! It is the safest method for getting quick relief from muscle aches and pains, back pain, sinusitis, and menstrual cramps, etc. It is perfect for lower back pains, stiff neck and shoulder injury, and pain, etc.

Large Size + Flexible Gel

Sizes 30.8 cmx20.4cm. The large size gel pack is flexible and mold easily. Easy for applying on large size muscles or body areas like the back, shoulder, thighs, hips, and other body parts, etc to soothe pain caused by injuries,  and lumbar disc herniation, etc. It retains warmth and coolness for a longer time.

First Aid Essential Perfect for All

Recommended by doctors and fitness trainers for an instant hot and cold compress. The large size makes it a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes. It can be applied directly to the skin. To avoid direct skin touch, the pack can be wrapped within a cloth coverage. 

Whether you have muscle pain or swelling, the Dr Trust hot-cold large-size gel pack is here for having quick natural hot and cold therapy. It is a reusable gel pack that is perfect to use on the lower back, hip, thigh, and other body areas for quick pain relief. A flexible pack is a perfect choice for men and women of maximum sizes. A simple multipurpose and easy-to-use pack can be wrapped in a cloth for gentle pain assistance with no touch of skin. Great for lower back pain, stomach aches, stiff neck, and shoulder, etc. It also molds firmly to injured areas and can be applied multiple times in a day. It is a quick natural therapy for therapeutic relief from pains, sprains, and strains, etc.

Cool Therapy - Body Aches / Joints pain / Headache / Eye Strain/ Muscles / Toothaches / Arms / Calf/ Sports Injuries Sprains / Bruises and Bumps.

Hot Therapy - Backache / Sores / Muscular and Joint Pain / Arthritis / Rheumatoid Sprains / Abscess and Boils etc.