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Dr Trust USA Hearing Aid Amplifier 344

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Original price 1,680.00
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In The Box: Hearing Aid Kit

Amplifies the Sound around You

We have purposely designed our hearing aid to help someone with hearing loss because of damage to the sensory cells of the inner ear. As a high performance small device, it amplifies all types of sounds to offer more clear hearing with less strain. 

Robust, Reliable & Easy To Use

Our hearing amplifier is highly convenient and user friendly. Its small, lightweight and handy body is easy to carry anywhere in the provided case. Above all, there are no confusing attachments and operating parts. Anyone can use it as one ON/OFF button and one volume button are there to make its operation simple.

Fits Perfectly To Either Ear

There is no match in comfort and style! Our BTE sound amplifier is designed according to human ear canals and easy to fit and hide in either ear. Its body is made of anti-skidding material that is easy to hide behind the ear. Also, its tube can be revolved easily to make it adaptable and adjustable to either ear.

3 Sizes Earbuds + Storage Box

This hearing device encompasses 3 sizes of ear tips + storage box. Ear tips can be chosen and used as per individual’s ear size or requirement. The storage box can be used for handling and carrying the hearing aid safely and easily while travelling. 

Durable Design Comes With Extra Battery

We have designed it with durable material so that it does not break down easily.  Its package includes one battery (LR 754) and one extra battery for emergency replacement while life of a battery will depend upon usage of hearing aid.

Dr Trust Hearing Aid – 344 is designed to provide unmatched support for individuals with hearing loss or restricted hearing ability. Small and lightweight ergonomic fits behind the ear to help you hear louder and clearer sound with no hassle. Carefully designed device is made of durable material so it does not break easily and suitable for long lasting usage.  Moreover, this digital technology helps you hear clearly and louder after amplification of sounds. The device comes with 3 size ear tips to fit to the ear canal as per individual ear. It is easy to use as there are no confusing parts.


  • Comfortable BTE Sound Amplifier
  • Maximum Volume of 133 ± 3 dB
  • 3 Sizes Silicone Ear Tips
  • Easy Tuning for Fine Sound

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