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Dr Trust USA Afib iCheck BP Monitor Blood Pressure Machine BP Testing 119

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In The Box: BP Monitor + One Cuff + AAA Batteries + User Manual

Warranty: Warranty up to 5 Years from the date of invoice for free for customers buying directly from Dr Trust Website.


Comes with patented Afib Technology for early detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) with BP measurements at home. Early detection of atrial fibrillation helps in the prevention of strokes.


You can switch conveniently between the Standard Single-Mode & AFib Mode as per your expediency. AFib Mode ensures a high degree of accuracy as it allows to get 2 measurements in succession for analysis.


Works with built-in micro USB. Any standard mobile charger and power bank can be used to power your BP monitor anytime, anywhere. The unit also operates on 4 AA batteries to use it wherever you go.


Precision & comfort are ensured with each reading. It is a fully automatic BP Monitor with a large display and Cuff circumference of 22-42 cm which makes it a perfect fit for most arm sizes.  


MDI technology produces low pressure on the arm & painless. The evaluation of results is done as per the WHO indicator (Green= average BP, yellow = light hypertension & red =high hypertension).


A premium quality product is easy to carry. Saves 120 x 2 sets of readings and error codes like Irregular Heartbeat display if any error occurs. While Arm Movement & Cuff Check indicators also reduce reading errors.

The Dr Trust iCheck AFib – 119 makes the screening of AF during blood pressure measurements easy. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect dangerous atrial fibrillation at home. A high degree of accuracy is ensured in Afib Mode as it gives you two readings in succession. The BP monitor is easy to use and gives you the Pulse Rate, Systolic, and Diastolic Pressures with date, time, and user identity. It has a memory capacity for 2 users, storing the data up to 120 blood pressure readings per user. It comes with an auto turn-off feature for power saving. Premium quality large size Conical Cuff (22-42 cm) is an easy fit for everyone in the family. Well, place the conical cuff on the upper arm correctly to do measurements effortlessly. Breakage of product, water damage, and wear and tear are excluded from the warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in products. Customers need to send the product to our service center for repair under warranty. 


  • Comes with implemented AFIB technology
  • Detects Atrial Fibrillation (AF) during BP measurements
  • AFib mode for two times measurements for consistency & accuracy
  • Cuff is washable
  • Premium quality product
  • Compact & elegant design
  • Allowing 2 users to store their data with time and date.
  • 22-42 cm cuff offers maximum comfort for varying arm sizes.


Screen AFib With Accurate BP Measurement


Early detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) prevents strokes. As an automated oscillometric device, Dr Trust I Check AFib detects Heart rhythm problems during regular BP monitoring at home. It has good AF diagnostic ability because of an in-built algorithm that finds out the irregular pulse rate and heart rhythm problem for adequate treatment of stroke prevention.


2 Measurement Modes + 2 Readings in A Row. You can switch between the Standard (Single measurement) Mode & AFib (Double measurements) Mode as per your expediency. In AFib mode, it automatically takes two measurements in succession and ensures a high degree of accuracy after analysis of these measurements.

It comes with MDI technology to record BP during cuff inflation. It produces low pressure on the arm & makes BP measurement a painless process. It also has a memory feature that allows us to save 60 x2 sets of readings with date and time.  


Detects AF with high specificity. It can be powered through a micro USB port with any standard android USB cable compatible with a mobile charger cable, laptop, power bank, and other power sources. It also works with 4 AAA batteries and switch-off automatically.


It displays Systolic, Diastolic, and Pulse Rate according to the WHO evaluation system. The traffic light scale (Green indicates average BP, yellow indicates light hypertension and red indicates high hypertension) on the display shows you in which range the measured BP value is positioned.


Premium quality & universal size Cuff is an easy fit for everyone in the family. It fits perfectly on an arm circumference of 22-42 cm to detect blood pressure with comfort and ease of use. Just place the conical cuff on the upper arm correctly to do measurements effortlessly.


The BP monitor detects and displays irregular heartbeat while measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure. If the Arrhythmia indicator appears on a regular basis, it means the abnormal functions are followed by your heart and you need immediate doctor advice.


It is a small size BP monitor that works through a simple One-Touch button with no fuss.  Error code displays if any error occurs during measurement. Other advanced features like auto power off and low battery indication also work through a push of a button.

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