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Do you know these 5 myths and facts about massage therapy?

Do you know these 5 myths and facts about massage therapy?

It is absolutely fine to know the truth about Massage Therapy. We know, before taking a massage therapy whether by a Professional Massage Therapist or an Electric Massager, a bunch of questions pop up in the mind.


Some of the questions might include, what kind of massage should I get? Are all massages the same? Is it too costly to get a massage? Will it give better results in the long term or not? Are massage therapies medically approved? Are there any harmful effects of massage therapy?


Before getting into the answers, ever wonder why our Mother used to give us massages daily when we were kids? It was because the massages made our bodies and muscles strong and helped them grow healthy.


“Remembering wrong {Myths} is like carrying a burden to your mind”






1. What is massage therapy?

2. Myths and Facts about massage therapy.







Massage therapy is the process of gently giving pressure to the tissue muscle. Manipulating, kneading, or tapping the body muscles to release muscle tension and keep them relaxing. It helps in providing deep relaxation to the body and keeps the muscles in good movement.





Even after having an enormous list of health benefits, there are various myths about getting massage therapy which does not allow people to take massages. Let's check all the myths and facts about it, which is stopping you from giving your muscles good health.



Myth 1. Massage is a luxurious fun activity.


No! They are needed to relax the Muscles.


Myth:  A large number of people consider massage as a luxurious fun activity, they think it requires an expensive amount of money and is not necessary for the body.

Fact: Massage is not just a fun activity, it gives relaxation to body muscles and maintains the good health of your tissue muscles.  You don't have to go to a massage therapist all the time, you can easily do it with the help of Dr Trust's electronic massagers.



Myth 2. Massages only have short-term or temporary effects.


No! It cures innumerable diseases.


Myth: Massages have short-term or temporary effects. People still believe that massages will give temporary pain relief only, and it has no long-term benefits.



Fact:  A proper massage with electronic massagers or a massage therapist will help get long-term relief to your mussels and boon your health. Since it helps in the proper circulation of blood, relaxes the muscles, and helps stretch the tight and stiff muscles.



Myth 3. People believe all messages are the same.


No! There are various types of massages and their effects.


Myth: All massages are the same and it has the same process, pressure, and benefits on all parts of the Body Muscles.


Facts: No!  There are various types of Massages, each depending on the type of body muscles, purpose, and pressure that needs to be applied. Such as spa massages for stress relief, sports massages for athletes, etc.



Myth 4. Never interrupt the massager.


No! You may speak up.

Myth: Don't interrupt the massage therapist even if the pressure they are applying is painful and uncomfortable.

Fact: Well that's not true! You must speak up to your therapist and get it done as per your comfort which should not be painful.


However, if you don't feel comfortable going to a massage therapist you can check the Electric Massagers.

Check more about the benefits of using Electric Massagers


Myth 5. Massage therapy mainly involves and benefits Muscles.


No! It also helps in other muscle and body functions as well.


Myth:  People believe that massages only provide temporary relaxation to tissue muscles.


Facts: Massage therapy without any doubt relaxes the muscles however it also helps with trigger points by stretching tightened areas of the fascia, a seamless tissue layer connecting muscles, bones, and organs. It also helps the fluids to move and provide a flexible movement.


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