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We have resumed shipments of essential items. Shipping same/next day
We have resumed shipments of essential items. Shipping same/next day

Dr Trust USA Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer IR Scanner Thermal Gun PRO Combo

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"There is no other Brand that can beat it!" -

Trademark - Dr Trust USA Infrared Forehead Thermometer - 3 in 1(February 19,2019)

In the Box: 1x Infrared Thermometer (Pro series with advanced sensors) + products worth 7500

2 Measurement Modes 

2 measurement modes include Body Mode and Object Mode for measuring temperature of body and surface without even touching them.  This is a soft touch device that you need to keep up to 5 cm away from your forehead and surface for scanning temperature. Object mode is useful for measuring temperature of objects like baby milk bottles, towels and many others.

Accurate Results Quickly

Comes with an innovative infrared technology for quick and accurate measurement of temperature without even touching the body and object. Designed to display the temp very clearly on the large size LCD display in large size digits. It is extremely quick as gives results in 2 sec on large LCD with no fuss.  While temperature unit conversion from °C to °F or vice versa makes it more convenient.

Intelligent Colour Coded Results +Fever Alarm

Comes with colour coded backlight! Display turns red when temperature is very high and becomes green when temperature is normal. Fever alarm alerts in case of high temperature with red color LCD. Ergonomic design of it make it easy to hold and operate. Other additional features including memory (store up to 30 recent readings at a time), low battery indicator and automatic shut off etc. make temperature measurement more convenient. Powered by 2AAA batteries, this is a perfect device for all ages.

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      Text - Dr Trust USA Infrared Forehead Thermometer - 3 in 1