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Dr Trust USA Knee sleeve (Single) 339 – Knee Braces for Knee Pain, Knee Support for Women and Men

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A high- grade nylon compression knee sleeve for joint pain and fast recovery from injuries. Thin sleeve provides perfect knee support for endurance athletes including jumpers & runners.

In The Box: Knee sleeve

Durable Knee Sleeve (Single)

Our knee sleeve is crafted from 2 mm premium quality nylon to provide compression and stability without compromising flexibility and independence of motion. As a stretchy lightweight blend of nylon, silicon, spandex, and latex thread, the knee cap for pain promotes effective recovery with sustained support and compression.

Anti-Slip 3D Knitting Technology

Premium knee cap for men knee pain made with 3D knitting Technology to provide 4-way stable compression across your knee with no discomfort and restriction.  Equipped with two anti-slip silicone grip lines, knee support for pain relief stays securely in place during movement, enhancing performance and workout effectiveness.

Feather-light, Comfortable & Reliable Support

Trust in this lightweight, comfortable, and consistently supportive knee sleeve for all your mobility needs. Dr Trust knee support for women knee pain ensures high elasticity and adhesiveness for stabilizing the knee. This flexible composition also adeptly absorbs moisture, enabling you to wear it throughout the day without any itching or unpleasant odor.

Ideal for Everyday Use

Dr Trust knee support is great for everyday use! Ideal for use during any activity that may cause stress and strain on your knees. You can wear it when you are going to perform any activity that may destabilize your knee by bending and twisting. It also keeps your joints warm during the entire period and is effective for relieving knee pain, joint pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, tendonitis, etc.

Versatile Sizing Options

Experience swift knee pain relief without compromising comfort, thanks to the perfect size and compression. The Dr Trust knee sleeve is offered in a range of sizes, catering from small to extra-large. To find the ideal fit for you, measure your leg circumference and select accordingly. The S size accommodates leg circumferences of 30-34 cm, the M size is designed for 35-42 cm, the L size fits 42-47 cm, and the XL size is suitable for leg circumferences ranging from 48-55 cm. Choose the size that suits you best and enjoy the tailored knee support.


Having a knee sleeve at home is a good idea as it will help you to keep the knee pain away! No matter what’s the reason for having knee trouble, the Dr Trust Knee Sleeve 339 (available sizes -S, M, L, and XL) will help to get relief with no hassle at all. Made of 2 mm premium quality nylon, our knee sleeve provides perfect support without compromising convenience and independence of motion. The knee sleeve is stretchy and lightweight designed to put 360-degree compression across your knee area to relieve the pain. It comes with two slip-resistant silicone grip lines on both sides so that it remains in place during movements ranging from cross-training, powerlifting, weightlifting, intense workout, and more. It is perfect for knee strains, sprains, injuries, etc.

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Whether you're deeply immersed in intense physical activities or need relief from knee discomfort, this knee sleeve stands by you as a dependable companion. It is perfect to use during your daily workout routine. This is lightweight, comfortable, and consistent support, allowing you to move with confidence and ease.

Size Chart


Range (cm)

Small (S)

30 cm – 34 cm

Medium (M)

35 cm - 41cm

Large (L)

42 cm-47 cm

Extra Large (XL)

48 cm – 55 cm



What is a knee Sleeve?

Knee sleeve is designed to provide warmth support to the knee without hindering its natural range of motion. As made of nylon, Dr Trust knee sleeve offers highly flexible protection to athletes who put their knees under pressure because of activities like running and playing. It also add in compression to increase blood flow so that you will feel relived from knee pain. It is also excellent choice to put on post injury as strengthen the knee naturally.  

Is it only for one leg or for both legs?

It is only for one leg (Single). Not come in pair.

Is the item durable?

Yes, this is durable as made of premium quality nylon and latex thread.

Is this item easy to use?

Yes, this is easy to use as you just need to put the foot in the knee sleeve and pull it on over your knee with no extra efforts for adjustment.

How tight should knee sleeves for squats be?

Knee sleeve should not be too loose. It should be a snug fit so that you can get the right support.

How to measure the knee sleeve to get delivered a right fit?

To find the right fit knee sleeve, you will require a measuring tape and someone to help you. Afterward, measure your leg circumference about 4 to 5 cm above and down to your knee. Make these measurements the basis to find the right size as per the Size chart of Dr Trust.

Tip: To get the right measurement, start by measuring the circumference of the top of the calves. This is located around four inches below the kneecap’s midpoint.

Once you find the correct measurement, compare it to with the Dr Trust Size Chart.

When to buy Dr Trust Knee Sleeve?

Dr Trust Knee Sleeve is designed to provide minor support. You can use it when needed a flexible knee support especially after knee surgery. It provides warmth with compression to reduce pain and improve stability during athletic activities and training etc.

Country of Origin: India