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Dr Trust USA Posture Corrector 313

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In The Box: Posture Corrector Belt with Soft Pads


Premium quality body bracing system crafted with breathable and ultra-soft materials which are skin friendly. Its sticky hook & loop straps allow easy positioning of brace. Its joints are exceptionally strong to handle strain.


Wear it comfortably during any activity. It is a unisex & free size (fits for 27” to 47” size). It can be adjusted easily to be a perfect fit for everyone; taller people, broad shoulders, all sizes men & women.


Put on & take off it by yourself whenever, wherever you want. Can be worn under clothes as it is lightweight & hardly showing from the underneath of clothes. Easy to wear while sitting at your workstation or doing other activity.  


No discomfort! Made of breathable close-fitting material that fits perfectly to your body and nearly invisible on clothes. The provided underarm pads can be used under strap for making it a comfortable daily wear.


This will give you good posture anytime, anywhere! It is lightweight and you can carry it along anytime anywhere in your bag/ handbag to use as per your convenience.


Supports back, neck and shoulder and help to maintain a correct and healthy position. Works as a great support system for all those who have long hour sitting and does not allow the body to be physically active.

Bring home Dr Trust Posture Corrector and say goodbye to bad posture to stay healthy and happy. This is easy to adjust design made up of high-quality material. It provides a natural and non-invasive support system to improve posture by preventing hunching and slouching. It is safe to use and can be worn below and, on the clothes, as per your choice. It sleek and comfortable design make it a perfect fit during the time when you are doing any of your favorite activity like walking, cooking, office working or any other.  It is easy to adjust and place in the correct position on your body. Once you start is using it, you will feel changes in your body with abundant benefits.


  • Comfortable & adjustable.
  • Unisex design-can be worn by men & women.
  • It fits chests circumference between 27” to 47”.
  • Made up of high-quality durable material.
  • Underarm pads for adding an extra bit of cushion under straps.
  • Durable and breathable material is skin friendly and does cause smell and skin irritation.
  • Lightweight and very easy wear.
  • Prevents slouching and hunching.
  • Relieve spine pain while putting it in alignment.


Fully Adjustable Easy to Wear Posture Corrector



If you want to improve your posture naturally, this posture corrector is a perfect choice for you.   It strengthens your shoulders and offers much needed support your back is seeking to be straight and healthy. Ergonomic design of it is lightweight, stretchable and easy to wear to improve your overall spine health and posture.


When it comes to comfort, the right size matters a lot.  This is a free size (Range 27”-47”) unisex back brace which can be adjusted easily to be a perfect fit for everyone. It holds the body steadily and protects from the hassle of size measurement and other related problem. It fits perfectly on taller people, broad shoulders, all sizes men and women. 


Dr Trust posture corrector is a premium quality body bracing system that can be used around the back and over the shoulders to correct body posture. It is made of ultra-soft and breathable neoprene material to offer top-class comfort and durability even after usage of a longer period. Its buckling is exceptionally strong to avoid the risk of failure because of strain.


One pair of underarm pads is provided in the package so that it can be worn all day to retain a good posture and a better back. These pads are thick and easy to wear under the straps. They are comfortable and can be worn underneath clothes. They would not obstruct the body and arm movement even after wearing the posture corrector for hours in a day.                                                                       


Put on the posture corrector is as easy as a simple backpack. Pull the straps and stand upright with more confidence. The two shoulder straps that go around the back will help to tighten the posture corrector for excellent back support. When you keep using this posture corrective device regularly, it will feel more confident and active at the office and home.


Wear this posture corrector under or over your clothing to bring your body into proper shape. Being lightweight and sleek, it always stays invisible on your body. If significant skin irritation occurs, avoid wearing it directly on the skin to protect it. The posture corrector is lightweight, and you can carry it along anytime anywhere to use.


We have designed our posture corrector for all who have improper body structure. It pushes the body to be straight and stay healthy and active. It supports back, neck and shoulder and works as a great support system for all those who have long hour sitting which leads to health issues and does not allow the body to be physically active.



Dr Trust team is driven by the passion for innovation and it is our endeavor to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our product range is backed by pioneering technology. Doctors, health professionals, and home users alike trust them.

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