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Dr Trust USA Comfort BP Monitor 121

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In The Box: BP Monitor

Warranty: Warranty up to 5 Years from the date of invoice for free for customers buying directly from Dr Trust Website.

Accurate Measurements

The Dr Trust Comfort-121 is equipped with innovative technology that averages the last three measurements successively to ensure the most accurate results. It compares results to the WHO standard and ensures accuracy even for individuals with arrhythmia.

Easy to Use

A fully automatic electronic blood pressure monitor is easy to use through 1 key operation. Sit comfortably on a chair, wrap the cuff around your upper arm and click the START/STOP button to get your SYSTOLIC, DIASTOLIC Blood Pressure, and Pulse rate on display.

Double Users Memory

2X120 group memory allows two users to save their data independently for easy recall. Each user can record up to 120 readings including BP, pulse rate with date, and time of measurement for easy analysis on a large and clear display screen.

Optional Power Supply  + Adjustable Cuff

This digital blood pressure monitor comes with a type C power port and can be powered by 3 3XAA Batteries. The cuff (sizes 20-40 cm) fits comfortably on standard and large adult arms provide the most accurate results.

Irregular Heartbeat and WHO Indicator

Irregular heartbeat symbol flashes during measurement if irregular heartbeats are detected during measurement. It also follows the WHO blood pressure classification for the assessment of high or low blood pressure readings as per globally accepted standards.

The Perfect Gift

This blood pressure monitor is easy to carry and use. It is a good present for your parents, family members, friends, etc.

We have designed the Dr Trust Comfort -121  to simplify the measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate at home and deliver consistent, dependable results. This is a fully automatic digital blood pressure measuring device designed for use by adults on the upper arm at home or in your doctor’s/nurse’s office. It is a feature-rich compact and stylish BP Monitor that enables a very fast and reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure as per the user's convenience. It provides clinically accurate results with each measurement and helps you to keep track of your blood pressure easily and worry-free. Two users can use it simultaneously to keep a record of their blood pressure data. Its in-built memory stores both users’ data with their identity. Designed with a large and clear LCD display, the BP monitor also has an auto shut-off function. It follows the WHO standard for classifications of BP measurements and alerts if found any irregular heartbeat pattern. Cuff is easy to put on and one-button operation makes monitoring simpler. The finest quality ABS material is used to assure timeless performance.


  • Fully automatic digital BP monitor
  • Ensures accurate BP monitoring
  • Convenient and easy to read the large-size LCD display
  • Inbuilt two user memory, each user can recall 120 sets
  • Cuff size is 20-40 cm
  • Works with 3 AA alkaline batteries and adapter


       Precise Blood Pressure Monitoring with an Average of 3 Readings


We have designed the Dr Trust BP Comfort to meet the highest standards of precision and reliability. Our blood pressure monitor is a compact fully automatic device that gives you precise and accurate blood pressure monitoring by calculating the average of the last 3 measured values.


Say goodbye to messy cable and adapter! This unit comes with a Type-C connector and operates either through a USB cable or battery. You can use Type-C connection to ensure a constant and uninterruptible power supply for long time use. While 3 “AA” batteries can be used for convenient use anytime, anywhere.


This device has WHO blood pressure indicator that gives you an alert when the blood pressure is out of the standard value. The device also indicates when your heartbeat is irregular and when you are not sitting in the correct position for measuring. Additionally, the low battery indicator appears to suggest that the battery needs to be replaced before further operation.


This is a safe and comfortable unit that tracks your and your family members' blood pressure easily at home. The monitor comes with a soft, durable, and wide cuff of 22 to 40 cm circumference. The cuff fits perfectly to most the arm sizes with an intelligent pressure control system resulting in the most accurate measurement.


Our BP monitor measures blood pressure as well as a pulse through the oscillometric method quickly and easily without any fuss. It completes measurements with easy one-key functionality. After wearing the cuff properly, you just need to press the START/STOP button to finish the whole measurement easily. In idle condition, it shuts off automatically within 60 seconds.



The device shows blood pressure and pulse rate readings on a large size LCD screen which is easier to read and understand. It accurately measures systolic and diastolic pressure with an average value and irregular heartbeat symbols.


This unit can be used by two users together to monitor and keep track of their blood pressure without any hassle. The memory function allows you to recall the previously saved readings of each user. It saves 120 readings data for each user separately with their identity, date, and time to initiate a recall at any time.  


Dr Trust - Trusted by Doctors, Made for Everyone

The Dr Trust team is driven by a passion for innovation and it is our endeavor to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our products are backed by pioneering technology, they are recommended by doctors and health professionals, and are used all over the world.

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