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Dr Physio USA Mini Hand Massager

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In The Box: Mini Massager + Batteries

  • Relax & Invigorate Your Entire Body Comfortable Hand Grip
  • Mini Size Means It Can Go Anywhere You Go
  • Compact Design For Ease Of Use 3 Aaa Batteries Included
  • Breakage of product, water damage and wear and tear excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect in product. Customer need to send product to our service center for repair under warranty.


It is super simple to use. Just click the button built on the top to start using this brilliant product instantly. It increases blood circulation in entire body after offering a deep massage to the every part of your body.

It is suitable for using on neck, lower back, shoulders, lower back, legs, ankles and feet. It soothes sore muscles and reduces joint pain, especially after a rigorous physical activity.


The body of the Dr Physio Mini Full Body Massager is water-repellent or hydrophobic so that it can resist the penetration of water to a high extent.


Although its size is small but the vibrations it produces are high speed which give immediate relief after soothing sore muscles and joint pain instantly.


It features mini triple heads which help to provide deep full body massage to relax through a comfortable hand grip.


Its mini size body make it portable. You can take it along anywhere, anytime as its body is very compact and lightweight.

3 AAA Batteries

No extra wire and batteries are required to use it. It works only with 3 AAA battery and a great option when you are traveling.  

About Shaistu Massage Therapy

Shaistu Massage is an alternative technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain. According to the Japanese healing treatment, Shaitsu (meaning finger pressure) massage uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to concentrate pressure at certain energy pathways in the body called meridians. The massage also known as accupressure works to reduce muscle tension and fatigue and is thought to improve blood circulation in the body as well as improve function of the lymphatic system. 

About Manufacturer

Dr Physio USA makes the most imaginative, unwinding, and restorative, well-being and individual care products. Does your neck, shoulder, back, or foot hurt? Rewind and recover adjust into your life. At Dr Physio USA, we need to give a non-intrusive answer to help renew and reestablish your muscles and that throbbing painfulness with one of our numerous items. The variety of items and massagers we carry are intended to target particular territories of the body (neck, shoulder, back, feet, and so on.), and accompany a scope of adaptable capacities to suit your own needs. Since we’re continually in pursuit of excellence, Dr Physio and our research and development team at NY, USA works diligently to ensure each of our items are accessible at a value you will appreciate.


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