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Dr Physio USA Foot Spa Pedicure Tub Massager with Manual Rollers 1004

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In The Box: Foot Spa Pedicure Tub with Manual Rollers

Warranty: Warranty upto 6 months from date of invoice for free by registering on manufacturer website within 15 days. Warranty program is conditional subject to terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

  • Mechanical Roller Massage: Mechanical roller is equipped with many massage points. That help to foot front and rear rubbing massage also helps to promote blood circulation effect
  • Acupuncture Point Massage: At the bottom of the foot bath is equipped with many massage acupuncture point. It will effectively stimulate foot acupuncture point which helps in pain relief. Also give relieve physical and mental fatigue
  • Bubble Jet Massage: A bubble jet at the bottom of the foot bath to give impact the sole accupoints. Also plays a vital role in relieving muscle tension and flexible massage. It will improve foot microcirculation and promote good health
  • Waterproof Rating: Dr Physio (USA) Electric foot spa massager has a IPX4 waterproof rating which ensures protection against water spray.
  • Handle Design (Easy to carry): Foot spa massager is easy to carry around whenever you are travelling by using the portable handle. It is convenient for the elderly or the infirm to use.
  • Product of USA: Designed and engineered by Nureca Inc USA, patented technology and design from USA.

Dr Physio USA Electric Powerful Foot Spa Body Infrared Massager with Manual Roller, Bubble, Massage & Heat is fully enclosed and insulation cover can effectively reduce heat emission and improving heat speed. Foot Spa massager has IPX4 waterproof rating which ensure protection against water spray. Affordable massager get professional grade massaging at-home. Absolutely no need to spend your hard earned money on spa massage services and those costly massage systems. Electric foot spa massager allows you to perform the process yourself, just by turning it on! Sit back, relax and enjoy a powerful massage that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and alleviated sore muscles. Warranty subject to terms and condition as on our website and available in select modes of Dr Physio massagers only. Breakage of massager, electric damage from voltage surge, wear and tear, excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect inside massager only. Activate warranty on manufacturer website within 15 days of purchase. Customer to send product to Dr Trust service center for repair.


The Dr Physio foot spa massager features an in-built digital display that views the performance of the device. You can watch its performance under all selected conditions.


The device has multi massage rollers within it. The performance of the device is maintained high through these rollers. These rollers are very effective to offer the high- quality spa experience for the users feet.


It contains infrared lights which emit energy to soothe, heal, stimulate and relax your feet muscles as well the mind. When you put the feet in hot water tub, it elevates the whole body’s stress and relaxes muscles.


The massager is made ups high-quality material which is durable and heat resistant. It can be stored easily within a small storage space and handy to carry along through its portable handle.


The key parts of this device include control panel, feet massaging acupoint beads, infrared points, massage roller, bubble mouth, function control panel and power cord etc.


With warm water, vibrations and bubbles you can enjoy salon class foot care and massage at home. A regular use of this device increases blood circulation in the feet and the skin and gives a pleasant feeling of warmth in the entire body. 

More About Product

Our foot spa massager will do everything needed for enjoying a professional foot spa in the comfort of your home. As its dimensions are 420 mm x 360 mm x 270 mm, it will comfortably accommodate any shoe size.

About Manufacturer

Dr Physio USA makes the most imaginative, unwinding, and restorative, well being and individual care products. The variety of products we carry are intended to target particular territories of the body (neck, shoulder, back, feet, and so on.), and accompany a scope of adaptable capacities to suit your own needs. Since we’re continually in pursuit of excellence, Dr Physio and our research and development team at NY, USA works diligently to ensure each of our items are accessible at a value you will appreciate.

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