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Take the First step towards Good Health with Dr Trust Rechargeable Weight Scales - drtrust

Take the First step towards Good Health with Dr Trust Rechargeable Weight Scales

When it comes to getting in shape, the hard work doesn’t take place in the gym, the hard work takes place in the kitchen. If you’re looking to get in shape, it doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym, if your diet and nutrition isn’t on point, you won’t make any noticeable improvements. If you’re able to lock down both of these basic fundamentals, it’s important to track your progress. One of the most useful and most popular fitness accessories currently on the market is a set of rechargeable fitness weighing scales, which is precisely what we’re looking at today. Specifically, we’re looking at Dr Trust weighing scales and what makes Dr Trust personal weighing scales so enormously popular and effective.

Human - Take the First step towards Good Health with Dr Trust Rechargeable Weight Scales

Key features

First and foremost, let's check some features which set the Dr Trust rechargeable fitness weighing scales apart from the competition.

Rechargeable 500Mah Battery

These scales are powered by a fully rechargeable 500 Mah battery. This battery has a much longer life span so you can charge once and use it for months. Also included is a portable USB cable for easy and convenient recharging.

Room Temperature Display

Another great feature of this device is the fact that it provides a room temperature display. If you wish to know the temperature of the room, you can check on these scales which have an in-built temperature sensor. Neat, huh?

Unmatched Accuracy

The Dr Trust fitness weight scales come with patented accu-gauge sensors technology for high precision weight measurement. Simply stand on the scales and the device will accurately display your weight in a matter of seconds.

Strong and Durable with LCD Display

Featuring incredibly strong 6mm tempered glass, in a stylish grey finish, these scales not only offer you a durable and hard-wearing LCD display, they also improve the décor of your room too.

Ultra Slim with Automatic Functionality

Because these scales are so light and compact, you can weigh yourself virtually anywhere, at any time. With awesome features like: Auto-zero, auto-power-off, low battery, and overload indications, it is one of the most functional weighing scales on the market today.  

No Sharp Edges

Finally, if safety is a concern, you’ll be pleased to hear that Dr Trust fitness weighing scales have been designed to feature no sharp edges. The edges are smooth and rounded so you needn’t worry about any possible accidents when taking a reading. 

Two-digit precision

Commonly, most weighing scales on the market feature just one-digit accuracy. Not Dr Trust’s. Dr Trust weighing machines offer two-digit precision accuracy instead.

Why track your weight with Dr Trust scales?

Just what is it about Dr Trust personal scales that makes them so beneficial, and why should you track your weight in the first place? Here are several reasons to track your weight.

Measure your progress accurately – If you use accurate fitness scales such as those offered via Dr Trust, you can precisely track your progress. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can accurately see just how much you’ve lost and see how far you’ve come.  

Motivation – Accurately tracking your weight loss, or weight gain, progress with Dr Trust scales is a great way of boosting motivation. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can accurately see on the scales how much you’ve lost which in turn will motivate you and spur you on.  

See where you need to improve – If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s all well and good measuring your weight loss, but what about when the weight isn’t coming off? Because Dr Trust Weight Machines are so precise, you can see whether your weight loss has stalled and plateaued. If you maintain or even gain a pound or two, you can use the scales to diagnose this problem and use the info to set things right.

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AZAD - October 6, 2019

Hi the Scale comes pre-charged 50-60%, you can use straight out of the box. A 2-3 hour charge will be sufficient for several months use.

ARUN JOSEPH - October 5, 2019

How much time charge before first use. How much time rest after charge in first time before using dr trust weight machine.

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