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Why the Foam Roller for Back Pain is the best Exercise to relieve a Stressed Back

Why the Foam Roller for Back Pain is the best Exercise to relieve a Stressed Back

The health and fitness industry has gotten a makeover in the last decade. From new exercise regimes such as CrossFit and soul cycle, to break through diet plans and nutritional revelations; no stone has been left unturned when it comes to maximizing the general fitness enthusiasts’ level of health.

Part of this revolution has been the push for mobility and mobility tools to aid in recovery and decrease pain or injury. The most efficient mobility tool to use is a foam roller. The exact science behind how foam rolling benefits the body is still being researched but if you are someone who suffers from an aching or painful back then there are several perceivable benefits you can tap into by foam rolling today.

Benefits of a Foam Roller for Back Pain

Though there is ongoing research being conducted behind the biological mechanics of foam rolling, many studies that have been conducted reveal a direct correlation between foam rolling and decreased levels of muscular pain. 

For an individual with lower back pain, a foam roller can be used as a pre-workout, post-workout, or just after a long day at home before crawling into bed to ease the sore back. The foam roller exercises for back pain should be used to roll out all areas of the back including the hips and upper legs. By working on the other areas, you’ll be targeting every muscle that is related to the lower back and could be the culprit of your pain.

It takes at least 10-15 minutes for the nervous system to trigger and release tension from the muscles when doing foam roller exercises for back pain. We are still unsure why this happens, but any area where a foam roller is used helps tensed muscles decrease pain. The extent to which this happens is determined by the amount of pressure you apply into the foam roller, how much time you spend rolling out, and the type of foam roller you are using.

Types of Foam Rollers

Not all rollers are created equal. In general, there are two categories of foam rollers: Styrofoam rollers and tubed PVC rollers covered in padding. Styrofoam rollers may be ok for beginners, but these types of foam rollers are generally too soft to create any significant change in the muscle tissue, specifically as a foam roller for back pain. Aside from that, the foam also deteriorates quickly and needs to be replaced often.

The other category of foam rollers consists of hard PVC tubes covered in padding. These types of foam rollers apply more pressure to the muscles, increasing the benefits of rolling out, and last considerably longer. A roller such as the Dr Trust foam roller utilizes textured patterns that mimic the fingers, palms, and general shape of the hand creating a feeling similar to massage therapy.

The Dr. Trust foam roller is also lightweight, comes with its own carrying bag for easy travel, and is constructed from quality materials for increased durability. It is the best foam roller for back pain.


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